Life is supposed to be fun.   If you work too much, you are missing out on what’s important.  If you play too much you are missing out on adventures that only money from working can bring you.  If you have an addiction, its robbing you of living to your fullest.  My story is an interesting one, but sadly not that unfamiliar with many families across the world.

A few years ago I created something that gives me passive income for the rest of my life.  Whether I work or not.  This blog is a reflection of the time I have on my hands, and my motivation to help others in anyway I can.  You are likely here because you clicked on a social media post I put somewhere on any of the social networks I am on, and you were interested in the content from that post.

Take a second to get to know me.  I want to be your friend, and if there is anyway that is within my means to help you, I will.  That is the person I want to be, therefore the person I am.  We all choose our lives unwillingly or willingly, but make no mistake about it, every choice you make shapes the life you are leading.  If you are not happy, re-evalute, plan, and re-purpose your life.  It is your destination.  Now, let’s be friends.

David Cheyne Blog

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