Been quiet

Haven't wrote much in the past several months.   I will try to get back at it.  My dad passed a few months ago, and that after everything else I went through in the past few years, was a little tough on me.  I also met a new love, and we have been inseparable and a [...]

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Sasquatch Zipline in Whistler BC This was a fun day with Jeremy and Deone.  The 3 of us enjoyed a day of scouting parks and recreation on the way to and from Whistler and the fantastic experience of ziplining North America's longest, fastest zipline.  What a great day!!

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David Cheyne Speed Pool – David VS the World’s Best

I am becoming a student of speed pool, and I can see from the comparison in my times vs the pros in this video the biggest difference is in stopping the cue ball dead more.  I run around too much.  I will focus on this and get my times under 40 seconds.  The world's record [...]

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9 Ball Lessons With Jeremy

If he keeps at it, he might be able to give me a game someday.  It won't be easy, but he is like his Dad and picking up on the angles and theory pretty good.

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A New Beginning.

Well as it turns out, just about the same time as I release the book, I am moving.  My 2 kids and I, along with Kirsten's boyfriend, and her boyfriend's best friend are moving to a wonderful setup for us all. We have a shop for Caleb and Kirsten's restoration of vehicles they wish to [...]

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Leave your review on my book.

I would really appreciate your feedback on the book.  Please choose 1-5 stars below, and then leave a comment or testimonial about the book.  If I use your comment or testimonial, only your star rating, first name, and comment or testimonial will be shown to the public.  Thank you for reading my book.

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A lesson in co-dependency.

What is codependency? Here is the definition that first popped up in Google without giving credit to the source. It just says dictionary meaning, with nothing to click to find out what dictionary. co·de·pend·en·cy ˌkōdəˈpendənsē/ noun 1. excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner, typically a partner who requires support due to an illness [...]

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Personality Quiz

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The 5 Second Success Rule

  I lost my way for a bit.  For the past several years the external situations in my life made me forget who I was.  I was so busy trying not to hurt, and trying to take care of others, that I forgot the most important person in my life.  Me.  If you don't take [...]

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I almost died this night….

When I was living in Vancouver in my early 20's, my primary mode of transport was my Asama 21 Speed mountain bike.  I was also very poor and living off of ichiban noodles and this cheap ass rice bean soup mixture that cost 99 cents at the time and would give me 2-3 days worth [...]

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