(October 12, 2020, Our government is aware of this investigation, so any further action on their part perpetuating this agenda, is criminal.)

(It is almost an hour long, but it will show you THE TRUTH about Covid 19.  The guilty are named, and the scam is exposed). Warning.  This video may really shake the foundation of everything you have believed, but this is the process of waking up.  We need you awake, and we need you to join this fight, because even though this video exists and our government is aware of it, they press on with their agenda, revealing just how far they are willing to go to harm their citizens to keep their agenda going.  This is the biggest crimes against humanity that our world has ever seen, and soon the curtain will be lifted for all to join the fight.  Share this page, to make sure that as many people learn the truth as possible.  It is no longer a time to worry about what your friends think.  You will not have any friends, or to be able to see them if this agenda plays out.  Stop being complacent about your part.  Every person has a SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY to share the truth, and help get others to join this fight.  On top of this video, I have hundreds of other resources that are being censored everywhere.  Take the time to learn the truth.  It will be the best investment of your time you have ever spent in your life.)

David Cheyne Blog

Justin Trudeau’s Leaked email and outburst in legislative assembly.  This is the plan for us.  People, take this serious, there is no more time for you to be asleep.  I have been trying to wake you up for months.   We are in massive danger, and it is time for you to share this page.  Do not alert Facebook.  Do not comment on any page that shares this.  Just share, and if we are lucky, this page will get shared far and wide.  It is time that we arm ourselves, and get ready for a civil war.  People, there are many politicians, doctors, scientists that are fighting on our behalf, but understand, only in numbers can we protect ourselves.  We need every single Canadian on hand to fight this, because this first video is well aware to our government, and he is still moving forward.  Here is the evil plan against us and what is coming over the next several months and 2021.

The vaccine is designed too either kill us, when they release Covid 21, sterilize us, and or control us.  Transhumanism.  People, this is dead serious, and our time is running out!

  1. This virus was released from a lab in Wuhan, accidentally or on purpose.  It was not from a “food market”.  A whistleblower is being held in protective custody in the United States, for reasons unknown, and perhaps never known to the public.
  2. The mortality rate of this virus is now no worse than the common flu.  This is fact.  I will bring all the investigative resources to my site to prove this to you without question, if you are still not a believer of this.
  3. The media is still fear mongering, for political reasons, and paid to do this by our own government, and Big Pharma with only one objective in mind.  To convince you to take a vaccine that is not needed.

Anytime there is a fear agenda this strong to get you to take a vaccine, you need to seriously ask yourself a few question like why?  Also, for your own safety, make this a hard no.  I will make my case on this site to prepare us further for the Cold War we are in against Totalitarianism.  We are in a fight for our civil liberties, and the very way we live, and we are not alone.  This threat is happening in EVERY COUNTRY in the world, with the exception of a few that do not have corrupt leaders working with the United Nations to do this.

I have been called a “conspiracy theorist”.  I have lost a few “Facebook” friends, and have even had to shut out a sister that is a nurse due to her completely dismissing the hard evidence I have, asking her to help in my quest for the truth.  It would have been easy for her, being close to the situation working in hospitals, but she simply dismissed my concerns as a mental health issue.  Even though the PCR tests that I wanted her to investigate HAVE BEEN PROVEN to be a farce.  They cannot detect Sars Cov2.  There is yet a testing device that can.  Instead, the PCR tests test for fragments of several types of bacteria that anyone could have that has had a cold, the flu, or had Covid in the past.  This is the casedemic you are seeing right before your eyes.  Where they keep on talking about the new record of cases in each area.  If I teach you one thing, and one thing only, learn how to google covid deaths Canada.  Or in your country, replace Canada with your Country name.

This is what you will most likely see as this image of the Canadian results shows us.

These death numbers are about to start spiking.  It could be real, it might be just inflated.  Either way the goal is to justify the impending lockdowns, and actions that are coming, as you seen from the video above.  This was, and has been real from the beginning.  We do not have the luxury of letting this go on, and having doubt.  It is time to SCREAM AT THE TOP OF YOUR LUNGS TO EVERYONE YOU KNOW, like I have, and to bear arms and get ready for a civil war.

The chart above clearly shows the pandemic ended in May, yet, we keep on getting fed fear propaganda by our leaders, as they focus on cases, where many people don’t even who symptoms.  Lockdowns, masks, and the absolute tyrannical laws that been made against us our a COMPLETE VIOLATION OF OUR CIVIL LIBERTIES, hence the birth of protests all over the Globe.  Many of these lockdowns and rules were imposed after the curve was broken, and the stats were on the decline as mentioned by the lawyer above.   I encourage you to join the protests in your area.  Your eyes will open, when like the 1 Million+ people that attended one on August 29, 2020 learned that this many people in one place without masks, CAUSED NO INCREASE IN HOSPITALIZATIONS OR DEATHS at all!  If this one thing you learned, you would know that we have all been scammed.  But if you investigate my site, you will not only come to this conclusion, but will also see the doctors, lawyers, that have also been SCREAMING THIS without a voice from our corrupt news stations that will not show you the truth.  It is us, that have to create our own media sources to share the truth.  The Fox News, is about the only station in North America that stands alone in showing the truth, while all the others try and make their true journalism look like they spreading misinformation because they are conspiracy theorists.

However, the real conspiracy theory is that years ago the term conspiracy theorists, and the term itself was created by the perpetrators to label the people that were on to them with something that would make them look crazy.  However, facts, do not lie.  People do, and on this site, I am repurposing it to educate the people that are blindly following leaders that do not have our best interests at heart.

We are at a moment in time, that if we do not wake up the population, we are headed down a very dark turn in human history, where we are all being led like lambs to the slaughter for an agenda by Eugenicists, that believe in population control through any means.

These same people are the top 1% wealthy in the world that now own 59% of the worlds wealth.

I am talking about the Rockefeller Foundation, Bill Gates, George Soros, and many other elitists that have but one common goal.  To enslave the human population, and to control those that they wish to keep alive to continue to support their growing empires.  It is not enough to be wealthy beyond anyones wildest dreams.  They want control over the entire population through invasive technologies, that will slowly strip us of all of our rights as humans for what they call “the betterment of society”.  A chip to track, monitor, and control us, is on the way.  Nano technology has already been around for 15 years.  They wish to bring this to all of us, and an era of transhumanism is at our doorstep.  If you do not wake up to this fact, and blindly follow the leaders that are taking you down this very dark road, you will be “chipped” and enslaved.  I have made the choice that I would rather die than go down this road, and that is why I am speaking up.  This is not a moment in time to sit idly and watch this happen.  We need a few “billion” people to wake up and join this fight.  We CAN WIN!

The good news is that there are many people in powerful positions that know this.  There is a silent Cold War going on right now as we speak.  Millions and soon to be Billions of the world population will wake up, and we will finally rid this planet of the evil tyrants that wish to control us like farm animals.



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Canadian Charter of Rights

Donald Trump putting the United Nations in Check

This is why they got together and put their Covid 19 plan in place.  They knew there time was running out, and that Trump was changing the game.  Biden, has already said that he will undo everything Donald Trump did.

In this video, it will expose Joe Biden, and Hunter Biden's corruption.  He cannot be the PRESIDENT.  It will DESTROY America, and the rest of the world will crumble too.

Here is the case for Herd Immunity

Our bodies have always fought viruses.  If we let vaccines take over, it is the end of our health care system, our own body natural immunities, and the end of civilization as we know it.


This is the most successful world case study, but our media does not discuss this. This is because their government did not sell out their people.  Most world governments are.  You can tell which ones are by looking at the Countries that are still using lockdowns.

Proof that this virus is not as deadly as advertised.  On August 29, 2020 MILLIONS of people gathered in Berlin Germany, and London England, to protest the lockdowns.  If you Google Germany Covid deaths, you will see NO SPIKE IN DEATHS OVER THE NEXT 10 WEEKS, and a small spike as we enter flu season, just like the rest of the world.  Here is the video.

Dr Rashid A Buttar is one of the leading doctors in the world fighting covid, but he is talking about the implications of 5G to us as humans, and the planet in general.  5G is instrumental in the plan to have the entire planet under surveillance right down to a square inch of earth.  There is no place to run and hide, especially if you are chipped, and tracked through transhumanism

Justin Trudeau Corruption

Justin Trudeau Corruption

Justin Trudeau "New Normal"

His whole strategy is A VACCINE!  He will try and use Emergency orders to MAKE IN MANDATORY.  He has already ordered and made contracts for 75 million doses for a population of 37 Million.  He didn't order that many in advance with an intention of allowing you to choose.  This is a complete disregard for our Canadian Charter of Rights that allows us freedom of choice on these matters.  Get ready to fight folks.