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Many of you are here to download my latest book from the various advertising platforms I have advertised on.  For those of you that don’t know me, allow me to introduce myself.  I am an internet marketer that has been marketing online since 2003 before it became fashionable.  🙂  I have built membership sites that have brought in over 100,000 combined members over the years.  Many became students in online webinars, private coaching, and one one one consulting.

In 2010 I opened up My Web Marketing Services.  This is a marketing agency, 1 man show with the use of several of my handy dandy internet marketing guru friends that I enlist on projects when needed.  However, most of my clients results came from my own blood, sweat and tears.  I have helped my clients sell millions of dollars of products and services online using this good old reliable content management system wordpress.

I am known as an absolute wordpress master and in 2015 in the height of some very heavy difficulties in my own home life, I created a wordpress site that is growing in membership base every month with no advertising, no work, and produces a consistent 6 figure income on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT.  You could say that I am retired.  And for a few years, I did take work off minus a few straggling clients that I kept due to the low maintenance of work I had to do to keep their businesses rolling in leads and sales.

In the past 2 years, I went on a complete sabbatical minus these few clients, and worked less than 5 hours per week.  Fortunately my skills as an internet marketer kept me afloat with my residual income.

I am now back.  Back with a vengeance.  I have always enjoyed internet marketing, and I even enjoy helping people more.  My primary obective in life now is to create change for people in their lives that are finding themselves in a difficult predicament.  Going through what I have for the past several years has put a new perspective and new leash on life for me.

I now understand the TRUE importance of life.  It is connection, passion, happiness, and love.  Material things are just things we chase to fulfill us, but will always leave us needing or wanting more UNTIL we fix the internal beliefs inside of us that limit what we can do or be.

Join me on my own journey of rediscovery and let me engage you with thoughts, videos and opinions and that may lend a different life than the one you are currently living.  If all is well with you, AWESOME!  So glad you are here.

To all those going through hard times, stick around.  I will show you a way to climb out.  My codependency was so crippling that 2 years ago from the time I am writing this, suicide looked like a good idea.  Now, not only am I the happiest I have EVER BEEN in my whole entire life, but I am filled with purpose, passion and have my old work drive back.  Its not work if you love what you do!

I hope to build a long lasting true connection with you.






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