Here are 10 steps to control a nation. Watch closely.

These words are taken from the Huffington post on this page.

So how does one take over a country in the 21st century? It’s a lot simpler than you might think. The great European banker, Mayer Rothschild, summed it up beautifully when he said, “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws” All you need is money, honey.

Once you have the cash in hand, here is a simple 10-step guide:

Step 1. First and most important, buy out the major news media.

This can take a bit of a time, of course, but media house mergers and acquisitions are the way to go. Consolidate. It is imperative for all the major media houses to speak more or less in one voice so that the candidate of your choice gets maximum backing and a “wave” is created. As far back as the 1800s, Napoleon Bonaparte said, “Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.” Modern day political candidates couldn’t agree more. Perception is reality.

My response:

This is already happening folks. The giant social media companies that we have come to love are imposing censorship on people that are calling out covid 19 for what it really is. Doubt me, take a look at this video. Bill gates has quietly over the past 20 years bought, and funded hundreds of small private media companies, and then allowed those companies to subsidize other media agencies. All in the name of fixing his name from his scandals from 20 years ago, for monopolizing the market. I used to give him credit for what he did with Microsoft. Recently there was a documentary of him on Netflix, and I praised him for all the good work he was doing. This was just another media buy to make him look good, so when he rolls out his vaccination, everyone plays along.  This video dives deep into Bill Gates investments, and complete domination and influence in media.

Watch this Video:

Step 2. Select a candidate pliant enough to become mascot and champion for big business.

He need not be too educated, well-read, or even have a working conscience. (In fact, it’s better if he doesn’t.)

My response:

Donald Trump? Not sure on this one. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.

Step 3. Hire a top-notch PR agency

This PR agency should be able to create a compelling campaign that will airbrush any objectionable events in the candidate’s past and portray him as the nation’s great hope — in fact, the only hope. You’d be surprised how easy this is. People have short memories and are remarkably willing to overlook major moral lapses and character flaws as long as the candidate promises prosperity.


Well, we know this happens everyday, but more importantly now it is being used to put a spin against every anti covid 19 person that has done their homework. Fauci tried to debunk the “updated cdc stats, but he failed to mention that 70,000 of the comorbidities were influenza and pneumonia. Things that kill people with weakened immune systems. Then if you go to google flu deaths this year… SOMEHOW it has been a remarkably good year for the flu not killing people. Bullshit. 70,000 co-existing cases of influenza with Covid 19. When you add the total death count in the worst hit country the US, (supposedly), the numbers are in line as they are every year. They moved the numbers from flu deaths and threw them in as covid.

Fauci comes out to explain these numbers. Google the relationship between Fauci and Bill Gates, and you can see that they have have known each other for 30 years and have had many dealings with each other in Bills pro vaccine rally.

Step 4. Run full-page ads and prime-time TV spots in support of your candidate.

Money shouldn’t be a problem since you own these media outlets anyway. Repeat your message again and again. Repetition is one of the great laws of memory.


Well, I don’t know what side to pick here, but we all know that Barack Obama was the first president to go on twitter and leverage social media to win the election. Trump did it even better with not only social media, but fake news. Both sides have mastered the art of fake news, and social media to skew elections in their favour. This is the case of the lesser of 2 evils, and picking the party you do not think would support a globalist agenda.

Step 5. Make sure the candidate can deliver speeches in memorable sound bites.

In this, the day of image-building, 140-character tweets and minuscule attention spans, the candidate with the shortest, catchiest, most-repeatable slogan will win, never mind how regressive his real agenda may be. Nuances of policy and planning are a thing of the past. The real question is — how does he make the people feel?


Trump is a master of eliciting emotion, good or bad. Not sure if this is good or bad for America. The jury is still out, if there is a sane choice for this upcoming election. I believe 100% that Trump will win though, because him and his team are better at social media, and controlling the media. Hope he is one of the good guys, and he is doing this to defeat the agenda.

Don McLean, the iconic American folk singer of the 70s took a dig at the marketability of political candidates in one of his later songs, “Fashion Victim”:
The candidate is handsome, he’s wearin’ tailored clothes
He’s following the pollster everywhere he goes
His teeth have all been straightened, his hair is very full
His stupidity is hidden by this image-making bull.

How did the land of Jefferson, how did the land of King
Become the land of hamburgers and raisins that can sing?
Roosevelt was a cripple, Lincoln was a geek,
They’d never get elected, their clothes were never chic!


Well, I don’t think his stupidity is hidden very well, but he certainly is very smart in some matters, and most of the stupid stuff is him putting his foot in the mouth from delivering unpracticed speeches, which could be a good thing, as it might indicate, he is no ones puppet.

Step 6. Once the candidate is elected, keep the campaign going.

Victory loses its value unless it is used as a means to even greater ends. The campaigning should never end, ever. Introduce more slogans, more eye candy and more feel-good schemes. This will create the illusion of progress and governance.


He is certainly doing that, but to be fair, so does the other side. This is just run of the mill politics no matter who you choose.

Step 7. Discredit free-thinking students and universities.

They pose a clear and present danger to your plan of nation control and must be made to look like enemies of the state. Use the media to the hilt here.


This one concerns me immensely. In 5 different lists on how to control a nation this one keeps coming up. Look at what they did in University in  Michigan as they reopen for Students. This is taken from:

Direct quote:

The Wuhan virus however continues nowadays to be the prime excuse used by these petty dictators. Consider Albion College in Michigan, which is requiring its students to download a phone application that will allow the college to track their location and private health data at all times.

The school is working to create a “COVID-bubble” on campus, and asking students stay within the school’s 4.5-mile perimeter for the entire semester; if a student leaves campus, the app will notify the administration, and the student could be temporarily suspended.

…In addition to downloading the app, students must undergo a mandatory three-day quarantine after they move back to campus. They will be given a list of “approved businesses” to frequent, and must fill out an online form five days in advance if they plan to leave for “approved” activities, such as medical appointments, religious obligations, and “significant family obligations.”


Wtf? Being told what businesses they can frequent? Being told to apply for permission to leave the campus> This is FASCISM!! This is total control over the students. This is in complete violation of an Americans rights. Yet they just slid it in and no one stopped them. They get one school like this, its only a matter of time before they try this with all of them. Watch your kids going back to school. They are targeting them, and they will be asked to screen for covid 19.. Once they do, this will lead to screening the parents. With bogus test results, and the numbers skewed, they will use this to impose mandatory vaccinations. People, this is real, and I am fighting for you. For us. For our children. For our future.

Step 8. Work the “patriotism” and “nationalism” angles as much as you can.

Samuel Johnson said, “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel”. He was right. Your nationalistic jingoism will bring enough unthinking scoundrels out of the woodwork to shout down any sane voices that dare to question the undermining of democratic processes. Again, use the media to the hilt here.


Being done to us more than ever before by censoring anti Covid people and labelling them Covidiots, or conspiracy theorists. Discredit them to make them grow a blind eye to the truth and you have them. I see it everyday when people don’t even read the anti covid peoples research that we spend hours on trying to save their lives, and they quickly respond with spun articles to discredit hours of research, with their side, not even doing a little research.

Step 9. Systematically take over any watchdog agencies and other institutions which safeguard the democratic rights of the citizen .

Put your own people in charge of these places. Easy-peasy.


Facebook, Youtube, New York Times, all censoring one side of this argument completely out. New York Times posted that the demonstrations of tens of thousands of people in Berlin and London were very small protests that were broken up within the hour. I found this on New York Times when I googled these protests. They were number 1 in the search engine at the time, and that’s what they said. There are still videos of these protests on Youtube some of them 12 hours long. These were not a small group of protestors, and it most certainly was not squashed inside of an hour. Doesn’t this make your blood boil? It sure does to me.

Here is the video of the protests again? People wake up. We are being played by the media.

Step 10. Take money out of public health and education and put it into defence and war.

It won’t be long before you’ll need it.


This has been happening systematically for the past 20-30 years. It is why the North American schooling system that was once a top 10 in the world has dropped way down into the 30’s last time I checked a few years ago.  Same goes in Canada.  We are not even in the ballpark as a top world education system.

People, if you want to call me a conspiracy theorist. I don’t care. Put a label on me. I am doing the best I can not to call you a sheep. The truth is we are all people. People that deserve the truth. People that deserve the liberties we were born with that are slowly disintegrating under our nose, from a planned pandemic.

In other lists on how to take over a country, there is create a virus to install fear in its people.

If you really, and I mean really look at these numbers, we know they have been bent. We know that no more people died this year than last year taking in all accounts of deaths. We know that the flu season just didn’t magically disappear when Covid came. The deaths just got moved over to Covid.

We know that for the most part, healthy people are unaffected by this virus. Of course there are exceptions. Lets take a look at some of them.

Recently another article was published about how police officers number one cause of death this year was Covid 19 adding up to more than all other cases combined.

First off, my hats to all police officers out there serving their countries protecting us from tyranny the best you can. I support you. I believe in you, even though you do have some bad apples, like all professions. I will make a plea to all police officers reading this my point is made on this exact point.

Using their own numbers taken from this page.

And quoted as the leading authority of law enforcement line of duty deaths, they say 100 officers have died from Corona.

Lets look at this.

People stay with me, the numbers don’t lie. There own numbers don’t support the actions taken by the government.

Here are the police numbers in the US as of 2018 taken from here.


Ok. Now lets make the entire American population the highest risk group being police officers. Think about this. They are one of the highest risk groups. More often, the most common duty a police officer has is responding and dealing with the homeless population. They interact with them on a daily basis. The homeless population is the most susceptible to corona, because they do not have the same level of professional care as we do. Even if it is available, many wouldn’t even accept the help. Stay with me. Lets agree that the police profession is one of the highest risk factors professions, if not the very highest risk professions.

Back to the math.

Lets make the entire population of the US police officers.

330 million people divided by 686,665 = 480.56. Now lets multiply that by the 100 deaths of police officers. 48056 deaths in the US, if the entire population was the highest risk profession there is. That is one quarter of the deaths they are trying to have us believe died from Covid, “with comorbidities”.

How the hell could the highest risk group be one quarter of alleged covid deaths? Well, listen to show you I am thinking of as many angles as I can, lets say that this is because of the younger population and healthier bodies.

Fair enough.

But if 686,665 police offers are on the frontline and only 100 people died, tell me why again, are our healthy people being told to stay home, stay 6 feet apart, wear masks, and submit to the tyranny that is being opposed on us.

It is because this was never about a virus.

It is because it is a planned event to marginalize the entire population into slaves for the elite. The elite will tell us when we can go out. Where we can eat. Dictate our food and water rations, and turn the world into one fascist state with one world currency controlled by the few.

People we are in a fight against everything that our constitutions are there to protect us from. And they are not asking for the publics opinion when they tell university students to obey all these outlandish rules, and if they are, they are only gaining consent from the mass fear they are installing in each and every one of us.  My guess, and it is a guess, is that they didn’t ask for permission, they imposed it, or had a vote from a school board, and not the students, or parents of the students themselves.  They might have won that based on the fear they have injected though.  However, being told where to shop, to ask permission when you are leaving campus is WAY TOO FAR OVERSTEPPING the boundaries of our citizens.  With each little victory, that we the people hand them, it will become the new way.  Just like taxes after World War 2, when they imposed “temporary taxes” to help with the recovery of the economy when the soldiers came back.  It never ended up being temporary, and we all accept taxes as part of life now.  It makes sense.  Well 20 years from now, it will make sense that we are told when, where, and how to shop.  What times we can leave the house, how much food we can eat, and how much water we are entitled too.  Its already happening and we are handing it over in the guise of Covid 19.

My appeal to the police officers.  If it comes down to violating our charter of rights and trying to enforce mandatory vaccinations, that you stand with the people that do not want this, and do not enforce the law.  Right now, it is a violation of our rights, and if it comes, use your judgement to stand for the rights of the citizens.  Storm the gates with us.  We will not be subjected to tyranny anymore.

Stand up today. Draw a line in the sand, and join the people in the world that are truly seeing this for what it is. Please join me and spread awareness. It is only a matter of time, before people that are fighting this will lose their voice if we do not get more support. European citizens are starting to see this for what it is. They are further along and were hit before we were.  I have faith in mankind to figure this out and stand against the tyranny that has befallen us.

If you read all this and watched all the videos, and are still not convinced. I understand, I truly do. I am not a conspiracy theorist, and I was quite happy living in my bubble and obeying. But then the numbers didn’t add up. I started investigating. Bill Gates is on a crusade to “optimize the planet” as he called it in his Netflix special, and it is all through his vaccination program.

For everyone that knows someone that died of Covid 19. Please do me a favour and yourself a favour. Look into the immunization history of the deceased? Were they immunized for h1n1? Were they immunized for other sicknesses? Bill Gates was kicked out of India for sterilizing 600,000 young teenage females. Do you really want this guy in charge of the whole globe, and a vaccination agenda that could render Billions sterile, and sick?

Do you really want to consider taking a vaccination that up until now, was always needing to go through a 3-5 year FDA process, that suddenly, they are pushing for in November? Or early 2021? What the fuck people? Too many things to ignore. How long are you going to play in their game of social experimentation of psychological, physical, and mental warfare on its own citizens.

Just in case, watch this video, and quite frankly, I don’t care if it is a complete farce.  It is enough for me to SAY HELL NO TO VACINNATIONS, AND it scares the shit out of me that so many people are rolling over to this, and if it came down to a vote today, it may pass as law.  If it does humanity has lost.   The record that he tries hard to bury with the media companies that are in his pocket.  He is winning this battle too.  2 weeks ago, I could find all sorts of information on this, and now it is all fact checked.  He is cleaning up the web conspiracy theories, and law suits with fact checking media companies he owns.

Solutions…. That I have thought up on my own, but please add any ideas you can think of. We need to brainstorm together to stop this.

Here is a few ideas to take back control, after all, we outnumber the elite, and they don’t have a chance if we just say no. If bars, and restaurants said fuck you. If we said, no to mask wearing. If we say no to paying fines imposed on us for not wearing masks. If we just out right stop participating in their mad game and start living life pre-corona. The numbers tell us we will be fine. Tens of thousands of people protesting in London and Berlin. Don’t trust Covid numbers. We know they are a lie. Find locals, and ask them what is really going on in the hospitals. If New York Times is reporting that as a small protest, it is growing abundantly clear, that ALL THE MAJOR MEDIA players have been bought and cannot be trusted.

Here are a few simpler less dramatic way to win.

Stop buying anything from Walmart. They impose masks. If you boycott Walmart, they will remove the mask restriction. Then when the numbers don’t “really” spike even though their graphs will lie to us. Stay firm. Look around your people. Is anyone sick?

Stop buying from Amazon. Even though it is online shopping, the theory here, is that these 2 are the biggest retailers, and have a lot of money. They can lobby any cause they want and if you hit them in their wallets, the lockdowns and restrictions will disappear.

The preceding information was made after working relentless on hours researching facts. It is my opinion, and in no way am I a qualified doctor, but people, I am good at math. I am good at digging in and finding the truth. We are being played.

Join us to fight this systematic dismantling of our freedoms of being people.

I would rather die, that live in this new world order. Its not just a mask. It has been proven. It is about taking away your decisions to shop where you want to. To go to beaches. To go anywhere you want in the world. To do anything. We have had so many basic rights taken away from us in the past 8 months, if you were 10 years back and snapped a look to today, you would say, NO FUCKING WAY!

But they have executed their plan effectively.

Subscribe to notifications, and I am making copies of every video that is at risk of being taken down, in the name of your safety, to expose this for what it is, and will update this site as long as I can.

There are many like me, that are creating their own websites to preserve the videos that are being mass censored right now.

You know when you really have to be scared?

When all opposing views of this plandemic are no where to be seen. That means we have lost. Game over.



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