1. Stop watching the news or reading the newspaper.

Years ago, when I was in a multi level networking business..  (yech), the one good thing that I learned from this, was to shut off the news.  Shut off reading newspapers.  This one single thing helped quite a bit.  Let’s face it.  Watching the news is depressing.  The media is 90% negative.   The feel good stories, are far between the countless hours of why the planet is doomed, and all the other negative shit the media portrays.  If you read any successful persons bio, you will find out that most of them don’t watch the news.  This one single thing will free up more time for you, and stop feeding your mind, body and soul with negativity.

What if something catastrophic happens, that we need to know like a public service announcement?

Don’t worry about it.  If its so important that you got to know, 10 of your most negative friends will tell you within no time.  Or if you login to Facebook, you will see all the crap about it.  You don’t have to ever worry about missing anything important on the news.  Even if 1 thing on the news is something everyone should know, everyone will know due to the news junkies, that live, breathe, and eat the news.  I know people that watch the 6 am news, the noon news, the 6 o’clock evening news, and then the evening news.  Wow!  When you think about that, this is absolutely going to make someone negative with no say in the matter.  Which leads me to number 2.

2.  Read a positive book every day.

Years ago, I read a book called the 4 hour work week.  Now I am living it.   What we input into your mind is what we are feeding.  I never understood reading fiction.  The very first self help book I bought “Think and Grow Rich” I made a decision that if I was going to read, why would I read a fiction novel, when I could read something that taught me a better way of living?  A better mindset.  If you are one of those people that watch the news, what if you replaced your news with a book about how to improve your life?  If you suffer from depression, read a book on helping depression.  If you want to start a business, but never knew how, read a book about starting a business.

Here is a good reading list for positive self help classics:

  • Think and Grow Rich
  • How To Win Friends, and Influence People
  • The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
  • Eat That Frog
  • The Magic of Thinking Big
  • Unlimited Power

And this doesn’t even touch the tip of the iceberg.  Hone in on your talents, and seek books based on teaching you how to monetize your passion.  I am starting up a billiards website (details soon to be released), and like many times in the past, I will create a 6 figure business out of the blue based on a passion that I have always had.  Subscribe to notifications on this website if you want to watch it unfold before your very eyes.  While some people are spending time working, coming home, watching the news, having a few drinks, and crashing, I will be working on my next business venture.

I know what you thinking…  Dave, you only work 4 hours a week you have all the time in the world for this, of course its going to work for you….

Beep.  Wrong.  Years ago, I worked a 60 hour work week at a a J.O.B. (just over broke) then I worked another 5-8 hours at night leaving me with 4 hours sleep max, learning how to do internet marketing.  On my own.  No school.  Nobody to motivate me.  Just me, and my passion to get out of jobs that I didn’t like in an effort to create residual lasting income.  Nobody from the outside sees the relentless hours, the falling out of hair, the heartburn, stress, anxiety, and frustration when you are building a business.  They just see the after results, and think man are you lucky.  HELL NO!  No luck at all.  I was just willing to do what most people aren’t.  I sacrificed a few years to be free for the rest of my life.  And quite honestly, it was not that much of a sacrifice.  I still had get togethers with friends.  I still had a social life.  But on weekdays, I read, studied, and learned, not much differently than someone going to university while working to get their degree.  Except I had no one to motivate me.  I had to find that in myself, and reading positive books was the biggest driving factor in my quest for freedom from a job.

Now my new friends, look at me, and say, must be nice to not have to work….  (hahahahahahahah).  I worked when no one else was willing to.  I stayed up until hours before I had to get up to go to work because I was driven.  I was motivated.  No one but me knows what I endured on blind faith that what I was doing was going to one day set me free from ever having to get up at a specific time to go build someone else’s dream.   Or to do something a boss told me, that I knew was inefficient, or stupid, but didn’t have the authority to make any changes because I was not the one in control.   Read at least 15 minutes on how to improve your life EVERYDAY!


3.  Take care of your body and health.

This one was so easy for me for the longest time.  However, I fell off of this too, when I put my life out of balance to achieve my dreams of being forever self employed.  I stopped going to the gym, and I put on 30 lbs when I stopped smoking.  Stupidest thing really.  I never grew up as a smoker.  I started smoking at 25 because I was around a bunch of movers working for moving companies, and they all smoked and took smoke breaks, so one day, I took a smoke.  I smoked from 25-35.  At one point when I was working for Cintas, I was smoking 2 packs a day.  YUCK!!!  If there is one thing that would change your life in many areas, is to quit smoking if you are a smoker.  The money you save, could go into buying books to change your life.  The improved health benefits are too numerous, and you have heard them all before, and yet you are still smoking.  Stop it.  At any cost.  If going to the gym isn’t your thing, take up yoga or meditation.

How you treat your body is a direct correlation to how well your brain will work.  A healthy mind and body makes for incredible optimization of performance in every area of your life.

I have battled with this 30 pounds ever since I stopped smoking 17 years ago, until January of this year when I got motivated about this.  I had the rest of my life figured out, it was time to fix my body.  Time to shed some pounds.  I read about Keto, and went to work.  Regardless of our occupation, what we do on our spare time, our health should the our number 1 priority in life.  Without it, we have nothing.  Take care of yourself.   The easiest way for lazy people like me to do this, is to correct your diet.  I say I am lazy, because truthfully, now I am.  I wasn’t lazy before, but now I am.  I am enjoying the fruits of my 18 hour work days.  But this was no reason to leave my health to the wayside.  If you are too lazy like me to get motivated to work out.  Correct your diet.  Stop smoking, and find some time to meditate or self reflect with quiet music. This brings me up to my next one.

4.  Train your brain with hypnosis.

Some might think that this is a plug for my business, but quite frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.  Once you understand that 90% of what you do is driven by your sub-conscious, and that most of our daily. habits are just an outward manifestation of our sub-conscious working for us or against us, you start to pursue ways to “DEPROGRAM” old thinking that has never served you well.  Sometimes we need to rip away our very core belief system and replace it with new core beliefs.  Just think about some of the things you say… like… “I was never good at that”, or, “that is too hard for me”, or I am not smart enough, blah, blah, blah.  This is a result of negative brainwashing you have picked up from other peoples opinions of you that somehow became beliefs in your mind.  Beliefs that are the driving force to your happiness or unhappiness.

If you have bad habits, or you don’t have enough good habits, the only thing you need to do is change them.  This is easier said than done.  Until you change your mind about how to change your mind.

If you thought hypnosis is hokey pokey bullshit, I am here to tell you that it is the most effective way of changing poor behaviours, or habits quickly and effortlessly.  I mean how hard is it to listen to hypnosis when you go to bed at night so you fall asleep to the “right thinking”?  You will wake up feeling better than usual.  You will find yourself changing your diet, or habits almost effortlessly, as the hypnosis begins to reshape your inner core beliefs.

I found that custom hypnosis, is the best way to do this.  This is identifying the things that are holding you back from living everything you have ever wanted, and smashing them with a custom hypnosis recording that changes these core beliefs.  Identify your core beliefs to change right here.

Again, if you think this is a plug for my business.  That’s a shame.  Because 1…. it might be true, but 2, who cares?  It works.  I woke up to 594.00 US dollars more in my bank account today while I slept.  I am writing this blog post to benefit you, whether you accept this as truth or not.  I am not getting paid to do this.  I am doing it because I need to feed my soul..  I need to express myself.  This is for my health, not yours.

How long are you going to let your internal demons run your life?

5.  Eliminate people in your life that bring you down.

We all have them.  In a book by Dr. Phil, he calls them baiters.  People that pretend to be your friend, but when the chips are down and you need help, they are nowhere to be seen. But they are also the first people to come running for your help when they need you.  Positive people sometimes attract “baiters” because they see you as a resource to better their lives.  They are not looking for ways to enrich yours, but things they can take from you to help them.

Unfortunately this is true, and no matter what social economic class you are in, you likely have friends like this.

You know this if you are my age, because by the time you reach 50, you definitely have had some bad shit happen to you, and your true friends come to life.  The ones that have your back.  The ones that will help you when you need it, because they know you would do the same for them or already have.    I read in a book one time, that if you take your 5 closest friends income and add it up and divide by 5, that this is a very likely representation of what you make.  We are all birds of a flock.

I don’t mean dump friends because they make less money than you.  Quite on the contraire, assess your friendships based on who will be there when you need it.  Who really cares about you.  Money is just money.  We don’t need a 100,000 car.  We don’t need a 2 million dollar house.  We need connection with others to find happiness and harmony.  I would rather be happy and broke surrounded by people that love me and would do anything for me as I would for them, than to be rich and alone.  Wealth today for me is defined by happiness, love, health, and lastly monetary peace of knowing that I will never go without.

Changing your network is sometimes necessary to burst through hurdles in your life.  Shed some weight by trimming the friends out of your life that are only there for their benefit.

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