Fun times were had by all.  The fellows from G.O.T.P, Greg Moorman, Mike Fenwick, and me, played to settle the score in an 8 man tournament.  It was fun, and we are planning on a regular deal.   If we get more players, we will find a bigger venue than 1 table.

If you are interested in getting an invite, just accept notifications on this site, and I will pre-announce the next one, and we can see what we can do.  I would like to see 16 people for the next one, and two tables.  LETS DO THIS!!  First place in this one was $100, second was $40, and third was $20.

Super Secret underground tournament. Sorry guys, epic fail on the videos, I accidentally deleted what I thought was just on my phone and not my cloud. All I have left is the video final from Greg's phone.1st Place goes to Garry Unrau2nd Place – David Cheyne3rd Place – Adam Hotz

Posted by David Cheyne on Friday, July 17, 2020

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