Lately I have been posting a lot more political posts, and this normally is not my style.

You do not have to read them or believe in them, and I respectfully understand that.  And that is what this post is about.  More than ever we need to be open.  We need to be open to the voices on both sides of a debate.  We cannot just accept what the media is spewing down our throats.  Journalism is almost dead.  At least since the onset of Covid 19.  Sensationalism, and agendas have replaced true journalism.

In my opinion, TV Networks have sold out to political parties, and most of the news we watch today are paid advertisements by political parties, or lobbyists shoving their ideals down our throats.  We don’t have to buy it.  We can simply tune it out.

Today, I want both sides to listen very carefully.  When I say both sides, I mean, Scandemics vs Sheep,  BLM vs All Lives Matter.  Republicans vs Democrats.

The views I express in this post are mine.  I know many people share them, and for people that don’t, I not only respect you.  You matter.  Your voice matters.  All I am asking is that BOTH SIDES, listen carefully to what I have to say.

Before I get into it, though, I would like to tell you what my real concerns are.

I am concerned that the major social networks are becoming a censorship platform, where if something goes up regardless of fact of fiction, that it can be taken down in a society that is supposed to have “free speech”.  Hence, I made this post on my own blog rather than a social network.  I will share this to social, and I expect the message I write today, will stay live.  However, I have seen posts taken down, or videos that would not play, (many) over the past several months, because a social media network CENSORED IT.  To me, this is a violation of our rights to free speech, and it is very concerning to me.

People will start getting these messages I just got from Facebook today.  Look at it and think.  They are literally taking away our rights to free speech under the guise of their TOS.  This is our last month that people that are trying to warn you with  “their opinionsc” can have their voices heard on Facebook.  And you might think that there explanation of it is true, but read the rest of this page, and make your decisions carefully.  Our very way of life could depend on you reading and sharing this information.

It is also a lie, because they are already doing this.  They are already censoring videos, and posts, like never before.  It has already happened to me, and several people that are trying to speak our opinions on their platform.  People, this is very dangerous waters here, and it is under the guise of their TOS agreement.

I am concerned that people with differing opinions on Facebook that have always been positive, supportive people, are now calling people names in comments on posts that differ from their own opinion.

I am concerned that “white privileged” people are jumping on the BLM movement that they know nothing about based on the actions of a few cops, while disregarding the blue suits that keep the majority of us black, white, hispanic, or of any color race safe 99.99999% of the time.

I am concerned that riots are happening all over the world in the name of a movement, that has lead to violence, injury, and sometimes death of the people it is trying to protect.

I am concerned that opiate overdoses are back on the rise again as the homeless population reaches new record highs.

I am concerned that our leaders are selling our country out to China because of our massive debt to them.

I am concerned that Covid 19 is never going to go away, and this “new norm” is something we are going to have to live with, regardless of agenda, or just freak accident.

I am concerned that people are more divided than ever.

I am concerned that this is the plan.  Divide and conquer.

I am concerned that China is winning a war against the world while we sit and argue about people getting killed in areas, that we never gave a shit about earlier.

I am concerned that if this is true, then the only way we can win, is to unite against China with economic sanctions, but we are too distracted by fighting over a white man walking down the street at a protest with a rifle.

I am concerned that we have all lost site of common sense, decency, and respect for others.

Folks.  Everyday people die.  Sometimes their lives are ended short by tragic circumstances.  My hearts go out to anyone that has lost a friend, or family member to Covid 19, or any other tragic circumstance that it was.


Are you glued to the Stats charts everyday on how many more people died in a car crash?  Would you let this influence you to not drive anymore?  Probably not.  You know why?  Because you know that you are a good driver.  Or maybe you are not.  Mine is debatable.  I like to drive fast.  My point is, if you are not willing to give up your car, why are you so willing to follow charts and get all freaked out when 162 new cases in an area with 3,500,000 people is NOTHING! Odds say, that only 1 or 2 people out of that group will die.  And even more so, odds say that they had pre-existing conditions that made Covid more powerful against their immune systems just like any other virus or infection an immune compromised person might die from.

I will say that again.  If you are an immune compromised person with:

You are at threat to die from ANY OTHER dangerous virus or influenza.  Nothing has changed.  This is just the way it is.

The best thing you can do is to do everything in your power to boost your immune system.  Not all people with any of these conditions die from Covid 19, they are just in a higher risk group.  Eat better.  Exercise if possible for your situation.  Google on how to boost your immune system with your particular condition and do it instead of looking at the charts of how many more people got infected.  We are in charge of our own health.  Not the government.  It is the governments job to inform us properly of the threats we face, it is not their job to take care of us by changing laws, and mandating vaccinations.  These are choices that are supposed to be ours.  Not theirs.

If you are healthy, you have a much higher chance of dying from car accident in your area, than you do from Covid 19.  This is a statistical fact TODAY.   You have a bigger chance of dying from smoking if you are a smoker, yet smoking isn’t banned or illegal.  Why?  Money.  Plain and simple. So how much do you think your government really cares about your health?  They can mandate masks, but can’t tell you to stop smoking?  BULLSHIT.

Meanwhile, another 5-8 people in BC alone are dying everyday from opiate overdose.  This doesn’t meet our concern levels the same way, because many of this think that this was their choice.  We are ignorant to a disease that is really plaguing our society to focus on one as heavily as people are, because it is on the MEDIA EVERYWHERE.  If we watched nothing on the news, except what is happening on the opiate crisis, we would be more concerned about our society falling apart, and the homeless population growing.  Some wouldn’t because it doesn’t affect them.  This isn’t even mentioning the increase in addiction, or mental illness due to the covid 19 regulations that are contributing to mental illness, and addiction.

Well, what if I told you, that if you are healthy person, Covid 19 doesn’t affect you either.  Why are you so concerned about something if you are healthy?  Because the media, and some doctors (media chosen) say that you should be.  While the doctors that go against the masks, and protocols that are happening, videos get taken down by a social media giants, because it gained to much attention that did not support the other side.  If you don’t think this is happening, you are not watching closely enough.  You are so busy looking at your side, that you have blinders on.

You are so scared from all the media about Covid, that you don’t realize that people with immune compromised bodies, can die from the flu, h1n1, chicken pox, measles, or any other thing that is not on your radar right now, because the media is not talking about it.

This goes for the scamdemic people too.  You are so bent on Covid 19 being a hoax, that you have turned your blinders on.  It’s real.  People are dying.  We may argue how many people are dying due to Covid.  We may argue the numbers and even how this thing started in the first place, but the one thing we must  agree on, is that people are dying.

BLM people have their blinders on, and every time a cop does something perceived as bad, and in many cases, it is bad, its defund the police, or make mandatory cams on them for their entire shift.  Think about that.  I know I have endorsed this too, but think about it.  How would you feel if a coworker stole from your boss, and the boss, decided to put body cams on everyone that could not be turned off during your shift, even when you went to the bathroom.  And if they did allow you to shut off while you went to the bathroom, and something happened, you were automatically guilty because your camera was off.  How do you think it would effect people thinking about becoming a cop with nothing but good intentions to help society?  I know I wouldn’t want a job that is under a microscope all the time, with every single action I do being monitored and judged.  Fuck… people, being a cop is a tough job.  It doesn’t pay that well.  And people disrespect you all day long while you are out there trying to help them.

Listen people.  We don’t have to shine a light on racism.

It will be here for as long as a kid is brought up in a racist home. It will likely be here to the end of time.  And that goes for whites on blacks, blacks on whites, and any other combination of racism.  The only way to fight racism, is to not be a racist.  Don’t judge people for their colour.  Judge them by their actions, or here is a thought… don’t fucking judge people at all.  We all have enough shit to clean up on our own side of the fence, that who are we to judge anyone, UNLESS you are a JUDGE?

BLM is not doing anything to change that.  It is only victimizing more people.

There are 2 sides to every story.   We need to be more open.  We need to consider the other side.  We need to start digging in the other side.  We need to vigilantly look for holes in our own side.  We need to respect other people’s differing opinion.  There is a chance that BLM is a very bad movement. There is a chance that it is politically motivated to get Trump out of office.   There is a chance that it has done some good.  There is a chance that Trump is the best choice.  There is a chance that Biden is the best choice.  Never mind the memes, and the ridiculous things that Trump says, or the pictures of Biden groping young children.  All media is being so distorted, that most of us cannot tell down from up because there are agendas.

So lets agree on the things that we can.

Let’s agree on some scientific facts that neither side can dispute.

  1.  COVID 19 is not going to go away.  Whether it is an agenda or just an unfortunate by product of an overpopulated planet and bad food sanitation practices in China. Even if is an agenda it will not go away until the agenda is complete or revealed and defeated.
  2. This disease attacks the elderly, and immune compromised people. If you are elderly and/or immune compromised.  Stay safe.  Follow the protocols.
  3. If you are healthy.  Live your life as you always have.  Remove your fear.  The odds of you dying from this is astronomically low.  You have a better chance at dying in a car crash today if you are driving today.
  4. If you are healthy.  Wash your hands.   Quarantine yourself and get tested if you think you have it.  Follow protocols.

There is a possibility that the other side of your argument is right.  Investigate.  Don’t fly off the handle when someone says something you don’t agree with.  Investigate it.  Thoroughly.  Not by looking for Facebook or other social media posts that support your argument.

If I was on a jury and was responsible for someone’s life, on either side of any of these aforementioned debates, I could not say without a shadow of doubt, that I am right, or the other side is right.  The only thing, I can say I certainly know, OR believe, is that there is always something behind the scenes that we do not know about.

Be open.  Open to learn.  Open to change.  Open to completely switch sides on any argument, because you are not afraid of being wrong.

These statements are the what if game, but very good questions to ask yourself no matter what you believe in.  I will not state what side I am on in these what ifs, although most of you are probably quite aware.

What if Covid 19 IS an agenda, and the stats are manipulated to control an election, or something else more nefarious, that you are too closed minded to consider.  Would you feel duped at the end of it all?  Would it be too late?  Would it matter, because the agenda got successfully completed?

What if Covid 19 is a bio engineered virus from China in an act of war specifically created to bring us all under China’s rule over the next 20 years?  Would you feel stupid you are arguing about a white kid’s right to defend himself at a riot in a Country, that China meant to fuck up like it is currently?

What if Covid 19 was not even a virus, but a population control plan made by elite super wealthy to reduce the earths population by introducing vaccinations that make people sterile, and lower their immune response to further diseases given through vaccination?  Well then, I would say we are all fucked, regardless of what we would do after the fact, because we did not heed warning from those trying to expose this right now.

What if Covid 19 IS just what it is.  A bad food sanitization practice that resulted in millions dead over the next few years, and you are preaching against all safety protocols?  Would you feel guilty?  Would you feel sorrow for all those people that followed your beliefs, and inadvertently gave Covid to their elderly immune compromised parent and they died?

What if BLM is just a movement created by the democrats to make it look like the Republicans are dividing the country?  Would you feel like a patsy used by a political agenda?  Would you wonder if the cause did more harm than good and be willing to speak out against it?

At the end of the day, in Western Society, we are supposed to free to make any of these decisions.  If you see this slowly being changed, and things being FORCED on us, we have lost our democracy, and are now being led by fascist state.

I neither support the validity of these below videos, or dispute the validity.  They are food for thought to help you accept other ideas than your own.  I want you to CONTRIBUTE to the solutions for this planet.  Not to be a pawn for someone else’s agenda.  People.  We are supposed to dictate our lives.  Not the government, or the elite.  We are the numbers.  Government FOR the people, BY the people.  Stand up for what you believe in, and be respectful of others that disagree and be open to changing them.  It means you are a strong person.  Tunnel vision is dangerous for everyone at this point.  We must search for the truth.  Will you join me in my quest for the truth?

Watch these videos

Warning From Italian Doctor

I really don’t know what to think about this video.  Here is what I know.  It keeps on being taken down by Social Media Sites.  That alone is scary.  If this is a crackpot, why would social media sites like YouTube take it down.  We are supposed to have complete freedom of speech in North America for both the US, and Canada.  Censorship scares me.

Not to mention, that just like you Covid believers that wear masks, and are scared to death to meet in crowds like we used too, that don’t want to take a chance.  I don’t want to take a chance on an untested vaccine.  Even if this video above is bullshit.  Do you know how many vaccines in the past 60 years have been a disaster, and have hurt people?  Do you research before this information gets censored.

This virus supposedly mutates, which also would make any vaccine you take useless it turns into a new strain.  You can’t immunize people from a mutating virus. Google it.  Until it has been censored.  In the past, it would take 4-5 years for a vaccine to get by the FDA.  There is talk they will have it ready by the end of this year, or early 2021.  This goes against every FDA law previously passed to make sure the public is safe.  Somehow, they magically got above this.

Other things to note.  My dad was 90 when he died from a fall.  He did not have any vaccinations.  I was vaccinated in 40 years ago at a school, but have never had a flu shot, h1n1 shot, or even take antibiotics.  I am a believer that our bodies have what it takes to fight these things off, and partly due to my beliefs, and not taking antibiotics, or flu shots, I have not been sick in over a decade.  I will be just fine without a vaccine, thank you very much.  My concern is, if they try and make it mandatory, of the stuff that could happen, even disregarding the above video completely.

Fact.  Bill Gates got kicked out of India after vaccinating over 600000 female Indian girls, that became fertile. Him and and his vaccination program are not welcome in India.  In the next video I will show you what Europe thinks about this, and what our media is not reporting to us.

Millions of people in Berlin & London protesting MANDATORY VACCINATIONS!!

The real concerns I have about this, is why isn’t NBC, ABC, Fox News covering this?  Its BIG international news, and yet it is being censored here.  It is being taken down off of the social media networks.  All things opposing vaccinations, or the validity of the numbers of “real” Covid deaths are censored.  This is not the free country we thought it was, and it is getting worse.  NewYorkTimes reported this as a small protest of a couple of thousand people that got broke up in an hour.  Look at the footage? Does this look like something that could get broke up in an hour?  Sept 13, there is a scheduled protest in Vancouver, BC for the same thing.  Listen, opposing mandatory vaccinations does not mean you cannot get vaccinated.  Where do you stand in the abortion issue?  If you stand for pro choice it is the same thing.   If you stand against it, that’s ok too.  My opinion is, MY BODY, MY CHOICE.  I know people that get the flu shot every year and yet they get sick EVERY YEAR.  I have not had a flu shot ever, and I have not been sick for 10 years.  MANDATORY VACCINATIONS is a violation of a Canadian Charter.

Health Canada States That Immunization is NOT Mandatory in Canada

“Unlike some countries, immunization is not mandatory in Canada; it cannot be made mandatory because of the Canadian Constitution. Only three provinces have legislation or regulations under their health-protection acts to require proof of immunization for school entrance. Ontario and New Brunswick require proof for diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, and rubella immunization. In Manitoba, only measles vaccination is covered. [see note below]  It must be emphasized that, in these three provinces, exceptions are permitted on medical or religious grounds and reasons of conscience; legislation and regulations must not be interpreted to imply compulsory immunization.

Help protect our rights and sign the petition against Mandatory Vaccinations in Canada.  Even if you are for vaccinations, signing this does not stop you from getting it, it just helps retain the rights of people that don’t want to get it.  Do your fellow Canadians right by allowing us to keep our body choices to ourselves, and not the government.

Convenient Benefits to China after Covid 19

Why Your Country needs to Stop selling out to China!

Nightfam (Project Nightfall Community)! China managed to quickly contain the COVID-19 situation, situating themselves as the global leader.What do you think about your country borrowing billions of dollars from China? Is it safe?What do you think about the new Article 38? Isn't the timing of it so convenient? Could it be a law with some plans for the future?Only time will show.Please remember, as I mention in the video: this is only about the Communist Government's actions and not about a regular Chinese person. They have nothing to do with it, just as people in North Korea can't be held accountable for their leaders' actions.Hope this video inspires more awareness about what is happening globally.

Posted by Project Nightfall on Saturday, July 11, 2020

This is in no way a representation against Chinese People.  Only the Chinese government, and their actions.

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