About DavidCheyne

Just a regular guy with opinions in life, expertise in marketing, and a passion for telling the truth. I work 5-10 hours a month maintaining a residual income, so I have a lot of spare time on my hands to blog about everything under the sun.

WWG1WGA – What does this mean?

This is something you are going to here more and more in the near future.  It will accompany the term the storm is coming, or even the storm is [...]

The most important election in history.

Well, there are no words to describe this upcoming election. This is going to be the most watched US election in World History, as many people that have done [...]

TV Runout

This is one of the best runouts out of my recent attempts.  The first rack, I pooched it by scratching after I made the 3, but I shot it [...]

Why I love danger…..

https://s3.amazonaws.com/davidcheyne.com/videos/cliffjumpweaver.mp4 There is a reason that people that do dangerous things do it. It's not because we have a death wish. It's not so that we can get injured [...]

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