Donald Trump putting the United Nations in Check

This is why they got together and put their Covid 19 plan in place.  They knew there time was running out, and that Trump was changing the game.  Biden, has already said that he will undo everything Donald Trump did.

In this video, it will expose Joe Biden, and Hunter Biden’s corruption.  He cannot be the PRESIDENT.  It will DESTROY America, and the rest of the world will crumble too.

Here is the case for Herd Immunity

Our bodies have always fought viruses.  If we let vaccines take over, it is the end of our health care system, our own body natural immunities, and the end of civilization as we know it.


This is the most successful world case study, but our media does not discuss this. This is because their government did not sell out their people.  Most world governments are.  You can tell which ones are by looking at the Countries that are still using lockdowns.

Proof that this virus is not as deadly as advertised.  On August 29, 2020 MILLIONS of people gathered in Berlin Germany, and London England, to protest the lockdowns.  If you Google Germany Covid deaths, you will see NO SPIKE IN DEATHS OVER THE NEXT 10 WEEKS, and a small spike as we enter flu season, just like the rest of the world.  Here is the video.

Dr Rashid A Buttar is one of the leading doctors in the world fighting covid, but he is talking about the implications of 5G to us as humans, and the planet in general.  5G is instrumental in the plan to have the entire planet under surveillance right down to a square inch of earth.  There is no place to run and hide, especially if you are chipped, and tracked through transhumanism

Justin Trudeau Corruption

Justin Trudeau Corruption

Justin Trudeau “New Normal”

His whole strategy is A VACCINE!  He will try and use Emergency orders to MAKE IN MANDATORY.  He has already ordered and made contracts for 75 million doses for a population of 37 Million.  He didn’t order that many in advance with an intention of allowing you to choose.  This is a complete disregard for our Canadian Charter of Rights that allows us freedom of choice on these matters.  Get ready to fight folks.


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