Sasquatch Zipline in Whistler BC This was a fun day with Jeremy and Deone.  The 3 of us enjoyed a day of scouting parks and recreation on the way to and from Whistler and the fantastic experience of ziplining North America's longest, fastest zipline.  What a great day!!

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David Cheyne Speed Pool – David VS the World’s Best

I am becoming a student of speed pool, and I can see from the comparison in my times vs the pros in this video the biggest difference is in stopping the cue ball dead more.  I run around too much.  I will focus on this and get my times under 40 seconds.  The world's record [...]

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9 Ball Lessons With Jeremy

If he keeps at it, he might be able to give me a game someday.  It won't be easy, but he is like his Dad and picking up on the angles and theory pretty good.

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A New Beginning.

Well as it turns out, just about the same time as I release the book, I am moving.  My 2 kids and I, along with Kirsten's boyfriend, and her boyfriend's best friend are moving to a wonderful setup for us all. We have a shop for Caleb and Kirsten's restoration of vehicles they wish to [...]

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Personality Quiz

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I almost died this night….

When I was living in Vancouver in my early 20's, my primary mode of transport was my Asama 21 Speed mountain bike.  I was also very poor and living off of ichiban noodles and this cheap ass rice bean soup mixture that cost 99 cents at the time and would give me 2-3 days worth [...]

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The bicycle with no seat…ya I did this. Part 2.

So I tell my friends to give me 1 minute before they start the clock, so I can get out of my building and started on this race.    I take off and am on my way.  2-3 kilometres in I am on the bridge heading over it into North Vancouver.   When I get [...]

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The bicycle with no seat…ya I did this. Part 3

So now, I am downtown Vancouver.  I am racing up West Georgia, the busiest street in downtown Vancouver.  No bike lanes in the day.  No helmut.  No seat.  12:45ish in the morning.  Case of beer in my belly, plus maybe a 25 cent package of ichiban all day.  I am in the right lane and [...]

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I was 16 years old when…

I was 16 years old at a party with my friends in Rutland.  The party was at a house where the parents were out of town, like most of them were back then.  We were having our usual fun, when my "posse" and I decided to go for a walk to smoke a joint or [...]

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Make yourself accountable.

We all have been guilty of this crime at one time or another.  The crime is saying something to a loved one, but not following through on your words.  So how do we hold ourselves accountable to our loved ones, or even ourselves if our motives and intentions are good, but we lack the follow [...]

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