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9 Ball Lessons With Jeremy

If he keeps at it, he might be able to give me a game someday.  It won't be easy, but he is like his Dad and picking up on the angles and theory pretty good.

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A New Beginning.

Well as it turns out, just about the same time as I release the book, I am moving.  My 2 kids and I, along with Kirsten's boyfriend, and her boyfriend's best friend are moving to a wonderful setup for us all. We have a shop for Caleb and Kirsten's restoration of vehicles they wish to [...]

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Laura and I before…

This describes Laura and I's relationship before addiction took over.  I say this because from where we both came from and what we accomplished before we lost it all, was 1+1=3. The funny thing is we actually both started off in addiction, and found our way to the synergistic relationship because we made each other [...]

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Most married men I know are guilty of this….

As the years progress in your marriage, I have noticed for myself, and a lot of my friends, how invested men get into their wife and children.  This is not a bad thing.  Sort of.  Its a great thing on the one hand that most men I know dedicate just about everything they do into [...]

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What real marriage looks like.

Lifelong commitment is not what everyone thinks it is.  It's not waking up early every morning to make breakfast and eat together. It's not cuddling in bed together until both of you peacefully fall asleep. It's not a clean home and a homemade meal every day. It's someone who steals all the covers or snores [...]

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Love of my life

I miss Laura so much.  We haven't talked in weeks.  She is busy getting better.  I can't wait to see her again.  Its been rough.  The book is moving along nicely.  Should be ready in another month or so.  On chapter 8 now.  Will be around 17 to 18 chapters, and if this book doesn't [...]

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Miss you mom!

Look, I used to have hair.  A bit of a mullet too I suppose.  LOL.  I miss you Mom!

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