Why I do what I do…

So my kids are off today to go visit Laura.  I am left alone, and decide to clean the house up.  Ya, I know, really exciting stuff right?  Well, I am cleaning, and I can't find the mop bucket.  I look around everywhere trying to find the mop bucket.  I end up in my room, [...]

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New Facebook Bug.

I recently discovered a hidden comment on one of my posts on facebook.  It was a flattering comment, but it appeared hidden.  I clicked on unhide, and it showed up.  Then when I refreshed my page, it was hidden again.  Seems like a new filter on facebook is buggy and creating problems.  When I searched [...]

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Besides my book…

I had a project on the back burner for quite sometime.  Going through what I have in the past few years, I hit this project hard.   I decided it was time.  The project will help a lot of people not just going through the same thing as me, but just help people clarify the [...]

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2 Step Authentication.

Coming from a person that has had his work server hacked many times over the years, I can certainly say that 2 step authentication is a game saver.  It has changed so many things since I have implemented it.  Now offered just about everywhere, like facebook, and other social media sites, it is the surest [...]

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