Ok, I am probably going to stir the pot a little, but I want to give you some things to think about.

I remember years ago watching on the news when H1N1 broke out, and how people were wearing masks, and I completely thought it was a joke to walk around with masks fearing the flu.

Flash forward to Covid-19.

When all the hoopla about this virus first started at the beginning of March, I was visiting with a friend having dinner with a small get together of  12-15 people.  It was over the recommended amount of people in a social gathering.  This is before there was even 100 cases in Canada.  I remember one of the people there, that was adamant that this was going to big.  I was thinking at the time that all this would blow over, and it would be a lot of hysteria about nothing.

A week later, I was watching the numbers, and for the first time I started to worry.

I was not worried about myself, because I have a very healthy immune system and very rarely get sick.  I was worried for the same reason everything was shutting down.  I did not want to get it and not even know it and pass it around to people it may hurt.  This makes sense.  I commend Canada on being proactive and nipping this in the bud.

Now we are about to open everything up.

A week ago I was in FreshCo with my girlfriend.  We were in an aisle with no other people in the aisle.  Apparently, there were arrows on the floor to make people go up one way and go down the next aisle the other way.  It was really smart of them to do that, except the arrows were small and we did not see it.  So we were all the way at the end of the aisle when a man and his buggy turned the corner.  We were still 6 feet apart.  He then went on to lecture us like we were children.  He said, come on folks, can’t you see how easy it is.  Follow the arrows, blah, blah, blah.  I really didn’t like some guy in a grocery store lecturing the two of us, for a simple mistake we made.  After all, we were still 6 feet apart, and if he had a problem, he did not need to talk to us like children.  He should have just turned his head away from us and passed us by.  This virus enters through mouth, nose, and ears.  As long as I don’t sneeze on the guy, all is hunky dory.

So this brings me to some points I want to make whether you agree with them or not.

  1.  I work from home, so this whole thing really didn’t impact me or my bottom line.  In fact I made more while this was going on, and I spent a whole lot less not dining out, or driving my 8 cylinder truck all over the place.  But this certainly has impacted many people, and the people that make 6-10k/month taking a pittance of 2k from the government, are surely falling deep into debt.  They need to return to work.
  2. Throughout this whole Covid-19 ordeal that will be sure to carry on for quite sometime, I have only known 2 people in my entire network of people to get it.  My sister who was in Florida travelling before the travel bans were in place ,and her son, who got it from her.    2 PEOPLE!!  When I asked around, I was shocked to find out that most of the people I talked too knew no one that had it.  What the hell is going on here?

When I was at the dinner party prior to the outbreak, I told everyone there, I thought this was going to blow over as nothing, and at the end of the day I would be surprised if 5 people died in my city with a population of 150,000.  Well, that hasn’t even happened.  Knock on wood.

The government shut down all non essential businesses, and some of them are just starting to open again.  But they left the liquor stores open.  The shoe store right next to the liquor store that rarely had more than 3 people in it at the same time, is shut down, but the liquor store was not.  How does this make sense?

Then you can start reading conspiracy theories, and believe me I have a few of my own, but in this case, It really doesn’t matter.

I don’t think “the man” created this virus to do all the things that the conspiracy theorists say, but there is definitely some things that just don’t fit.

If I only know 2 people that were out of the Country when they got it, and pretty much everyone I have talked too, knows no one that has it, was it really necessary to shut down the entire Country?  Maybe so.  Maybe its because of this, we don’t know anyone that got it.  However, when I was a kid, I would have been told to go over to someone’s house that had it, just to get it so we could be done with it.  Are we breeding fear and uncertainty because of much larger agendas at work?  Probably.

Liquor stores open, shoe stores closed?

I am pretty much fed up with this whole thing.  (I know, here is where I piss people off).

No, I don’t think the Canadian government acted irresponsibly.  I think they operated on the best information they had based on other Countries that took it too lightly.  But enough already.  When a stranger talks to another stranger in the market like a mad man because we might have breached 6 feet of distance by a couple of inches, things have gotten out of hand.  When people clean out the stores of toilet paper, things have gotten out of hand.

When you see a lone driver in a car wearing a face mask, things have gotten ridiculous.  Who is he protecting himself from?

So no matter what you think about everything reopening, be civil to others.  Be courteous, and don’t lecture strangers based on your lack of knowledge or your overwhelming fear that the world is crumbling.  It came, and it will go.  It might take a lot longer.   We might even have a bigger second wave that everyone is talking about.  But I will tell you one thing.

It is the fear that is being fed down your throats by the media that is driving people to stupidity.  Let the weak, and immune compromised people take care of themselves, and be mindful of who you are visiting or seeing.  Other than that, live your fucking life the way you want to, and stop pushing your fears, or beliefs on others.  Its really bad that this has happened, but we are all sheep if we keep on living in fear, in what could happen.

Let mother nature and herd immunity do its thing, and let’s put this whole thing behind us.

In the beginning of this outbreak, on an episode of Dr Phil, a man that worked for infectious disease organization in the States, said, it was a shame that it took this to teach people to wash their hands.  He also said that he wouldn’t be afraid to go to a movie theatre full of people, because he knew how these things spread.  Don’t touch your face after touching foreign objects.  Cough into your arm at the elbow.  You know, really easy shit.  Let’s get back to living, and get rid of this fear.  If you are immune compromised, take good care of yourself, and let others around you know that you are.  If the man that bitched us out in Freshco was immune compromised, well then, he should have stayed at home and had instacart deliver the groceries.  Hell, even I did that 2-3 times, when I didn’t even need to  “oblige” the quarantine.   Don’t rag out other people based on your fears.  Stay home and shut up if you are afraid.  And by that, I don’t mean your voice doesn’t matter, I just mean stay home if you are worried and let others take the chance.  Most people are months away from bankruptcy if they qualified for the 2k a month and haven’t worked in months.  Things have to resume.  It’s time.

Be cool.  Be safe.  Be nice.


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