Life can be tough.  Anyone my age has probably been through some pretty challenging times.   Just a few years back I was struggling with some very deep personal family issues.  For me writing has always been cathartic and helps me deal with the stuff that we as men often stuff down and try and forget or put on the back burner to deal with later.  So a few years ago I wrote a book about my struggles, and published it.  It’s available here.

I contemplated not putting a link to it, because it is in my rearview mirror now.  However, there is a story that is told there that may be helpful to people going through the same thing, so when you click on that link and it is something that you relate too, give it a read.  If you are someone that knows me personally or you are in my pool league and our paths cross, you can also message me below on my Facebook page, if you want a copy hand delivered to you when we meet up to play pool or whatever.  I keep a small stock just in case.  Just remind me before we meet.  I have a memory like a sieve.

At the end of the day, we all go through stuff, and if any of my past experiences can help you with any difficult time that you might be having then this is my greatest joy.  A passion almost as strong as pool.  Almost.  I love it when a person tells me that something I said, did, or showed them worked wonders in their life.  It truly is what we are all here for.  Sometimes we forget this and become so self absorbed on our own life, that we forget the most fulfilling thing we can experience in life is helping others.

I do like to write about mindful stuff.  You know things that make a real difference in our lives.

We are all in this crazy world together, and go through crazy shit, and need support throughout our lives.  Friends and family sometimes might not be the best answer for this, although, I can’t complain about my friends or family.  Some are not as lucky as me, and need to lean on books, and people outside their circles with unbiased opinions of them.  Let my blog below be that inspiration to you.

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