Speed Pool Challenge Rules

  1.  Rack 10 balls in any order
  2.  Time starts on cueball impact to break.
  3.  Sink in any order.
  4.  Flukes count.
  5.  Missing a shot is a 5 second penalty.
  6.  Scratching off the break is not a penalty, ball in hand.
  7.  Time stops when last ball is potted.
  8.  You can only shoot when cueball comes to a complete rest (others balls, can still be moving)
  9.  Handicap 5 seconds if you are shooting on 3.5 x 7.  (mine was 4 x 8)

I only posted sub minute times, because my goal is 35 seconds or less.  If you decide to try and post a video to facebook, youtube, or somewhere, come back to this page, and comment with a link to your video.

I shot these games after a night of drinking with a friend.  HAVE FUN!!