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Internet marketing is something I “fell” into.  I was working from home in 2000 selling moving jobs for a national moving company.  I had time on my hands in between phone calls, so I googled “how to make money from home”.  Woah!  What a ride!  Within 8 months I was making more from internet marketing than I was from my full-time job, and it was residual income.  It kept coming whether I was working or not.  Super cool stuff dudes!  I mostly started with B2B software, and services helping other businesses with online marketing.  I built up 4 different websites concurrently that grossed over 100k per year.  Each one of these businesses died as technology changed.

In 2010, I opened up a Web Marketing Company that grew to a 5 person operation and I was making websites, and advertising for clients across North America.  I have personally built over 300 websites, and marketed everything from law, dentistry, home contractors, gazebos, and almost everything you can think of under the sun.  I ran this all the way up to a few years ago.  However, I didn’t really enjoy it.  I was back to trading time for dollars, and after you get a taste of residual income, it’s pretty hard to stop.

In 2015 I developed a “niche” website in an industry that never changes, and within 1 year, I was making a full-time living residually, where I only need to work 5 hours a month to maintain a living.  I don’t drive a lambo, or own a multi-million dollar home like some of my internet marketing friends, because quite frankly, I am lazy. I fired all of my clients gradually, so I didn’t have to trade my time for dollars anymore and coasted for the past several years collecting money and not working.  A 6 figure residual income that will come for the rest of my life.

Recently my passion for pool got rekindled, and with Covid-19 I “birthed” a new idea to unite pool players across the globe.  I got my ambition back and over the next several months I am going to build another business that will not die as long as pool stays alive, and for pool players, we know this is the case.

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