Here is the mounting evidence to support the conspiracy theories currently out there.

  1. The Great Barrington Declaration – Despite over 45,000 Doctors, and medical practitioners some of them Nobel peace prize winners, denouncing lockdowns as a strategy, governments all over the world are still doing them.  This is a giant red flag given the evidence of increased suicides, overdoses, lack of medical care for people awaiting operations, it just doesn’t make sense.  This should be enough for you to decide that something is rotten in Denmark.  On top of that, there has been no mention of this on any of the news networks.
  2. The 42 Million dollar German investigation by 4 lawyers.  This investigation ties bribery, and corruption involving drug manufacturers, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, health ministers, and many more people, but it has been censored, and taken down.  This is a legitimate law firm in Germany, and he has shared this information with world leaders, just to be ignored, and censored.
  3. MASSIVE CENSORSHIP – Before Covid 19, the only content that got censored on Social Media were Hate, and pornographic material.   Dissenting points of view on any issue has never been censored on these platforms before.  FACT CHECKING was born.  Upon further investigation, it was found that Bill Gates, and George Soros are the two primary funders of these fact checking organizations, and all ties from all the different organizations trickle back to these two globalists.  The social media giants have exercised their power to influence an election by DELETING POSTS exposing Crime by Joe Biden and his son Hunder Biden.  They even censored the President of the United States on multiple occasions.  But it was not limited to him, it was pretty much anyone that posted anything with a negative reference to Joe and/or his Son Hunter Biden.  There are clear ties to the China Communist Party to both Bidens, but this information was censored.  This changes them from a platform to a publisher opening them up to law suits, which they are currently getting bombarded with worse than before.   Our free speech is disappearing, and the agendists are working on total censorship of the internet, where they will work on taking down dissenting points of view on the internet that goes against their agenda.  This is happening worldwide on a massive scale as I write this.
  4. World Health Organization –  They changed their definition of what a pandemic is prior to h1n1, and tried this fear mongering with that, but they did not master their fear propaganda with the media, this time they have.  With the change of definition, they declared a global pandemic for h1n1 with only a worldwide death toll of 189 people. With Covid numbers, the pandemic was officially over by the end of May, but here we are still being run under tyrannical laws, based on case numbers that are only high because of ramped up testing, and faulty PCR tests.
  5. PCR tests – Currently the Canadian government is being sued right now, because even the inventor of these tests has claimed, and it is proven, that these tests were never made to test coronaviruses, and in fact test for fragments of illness.  They detect bacteria from the common cold, and other flu like illnesses, creating false positives up to 80%.  This means that there entire reasoning for lockdowns are based on faulty tests that are creating massive case numbers of people that are not even filling any illness.
  6. Herd Immunity – Despite proof of success from Swedens anti-lockdown response to this epidemic, and allowing herd immunity to do its thing, we are suppressing our chances to move past this like Sweden did, by wearing masks, and doing everything anti science from everything we have learned about pandemics over the past 100 years.  Sweden is completely mask free now, with 0 lockdowns, and operating just like we should be doing, if we did not comply with lockdowns or mask wearing.  Herd immunity is what humans have survived every pandemic in the past, and it is only through good diet and nutrition that people survive these things.
  7. Mortality Rate –  It is now proven that the mortality rate is 99.5+ percent, and poses 0 to little risk for 99 percent of the population.  The people that are dying from this are the same people that die from the flu because of comorbidities.  All this information is readily made public, and yet, we the media and government keep on pushing fear, and vaccines on us as the only way out of this.  This is simply not true, and The Great Barrington Declaration opposes this with over 45,000 PROFESSIONAL doctors, and scientists.  This is absolutely ludicrous.

If you need more evidence than this to at least accept that at the very minimum this is an agenda to sell vaccines, then you are seriously flawed in your thinking.  I am sorry, this is fact.  Not fiction.  I am afraid though, that this agenda is only partly about the vaccine, and the real agenda is totalitarianism of the entire planet.  The proof is abundantly clear when you investigate.  ABUNDANTLY.  Bill Gates is working on monopolizing the drug companies, the food companies, and has invested BILLIONS into these industries.  Do you remember back in the 90’s when he got busted monopolizing the Internet  by trying to shut down Netscape a growing competitor to his main product Internet Explorer.  Well, here he goes again.  He is a master of monopolies, and now he has help from other global agendists, and these are billionaires.  The top 6% of the wealthiest people in the world now own 59% of the worlds wealth, and they are using this wealth, NOT TO FIX the worlds problems, but to appear like they are by setting us up for complete control to be economic slaves to their monopolies.  This is fact folks.  Millions are waking up and realizing this, but we need to PERMANETLY eradicate these people from Earth, as they have perpetrated the biggest crimes against humanity the world has ever seen.  We are now in the technological age, where technology and the people that own, and run it, if they are successful at their attempt right now, humanity will be forever enslaved with no chance of escape.

It is time to stand up for your rights like never before.  It has started in the courts all over the world.  The corruption is deep though.  If we fail there, it will end up a fight in the streets in the way of civil war, which is also happening in Countries all over the world.  If we start to lose there, the last chance we have, is we, the citizens of this earth, go back to the beginning of Middle Ages, and mob Lynch the people responsible.  Our window of time on this, as only as long as we have without being chipped, tracked, and at the mercy of drones and high tech military grade weapons which are already made.

5 G is one of those weapons, and it is already deployed in almost every major city in the world.  There will be lots of information forthcoming about 5G and how this tech was snuck by our safe checks through bribery and corruption just like everything else has.

People it is time to JOIN THE FIGHT.  Use the links on the left hand side of this site to take Action from where you are at right now.  And share all content regarding this, daily, as much as you can.  Turn your tvs off, turn the media off, and join the fight.  It is our only change.


Donald Trump putting the United Nations in Check

This is why they got together and put their Covid 19 plan in place.  They knew there time was running out, and that Trump was changing the game.  Biden, has already said that he will undo everything Donald Trump did.

In this video, it will expose Joe Biden, and Hunter Biden's corruption.  He cannot be the PRESIDENT.  It will DESTROY America, and the rest of the world will crumble too.

Here is the case for Herd Immunity

Our bodies have always fought viruses.  If we let vaccines take over, it is the end of our health care system, our own body natural immunities, and the end of civilization as we know it.


This is the most successful world case study, but our media does not discuss this. This is because their government did not sell out their people.  Most world governments are.  You can tell which ones are by looking at the Countries that are still using lockdowns.

Proof that this virus is not as deadly as advertised.  On August 29, 2020 MILLIONS of people gathered in Berlin Germany, and London England, to protest the lockdowns.  If you Google Germany Covid deaths, you will see NO SPIKE IN DEATHS OVER THE NEXT 10 WEEKS, and a small spike as we enter flu season, just like the rest of the world.  Here is the video.

Dr Rashid A Buttar is one of the leading doctors in the world fighting covid, but he is talking about the implications of 5G to us as humans, and the planet in general.  5G is instrumental in the plan to have the entire planet under surveillance right down to a square inch of earth.  There is no place to run and hide, especially if you are chipped, and tracked through transhumanism

Justin Trudeau Corruption

Justin Trudeau Corruption

Justin Trudeau "New Normal"

His whole strategy is A VACCINE!  He will try and use Emergency orders to MAKE IN MANDATORY.  He has already ordered and made contracts for 75 million doses for a population of 37 Million.  He didn't order that many in advance with an intention of allowing you to choose.  This is a complete disregard for our Canadian Charter of Rights that allows us freedom of choice on these matters.  Get ready to fight folks.


The Great Barrington Declaration

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