Last year I was visiting my sister, and my niece and her husband came over, and he had lost 60 lbs on the Keto diet, right at the time I was gearing up to get serious about my weight loss.   I knew nothing about Keto other than the countless Facebook ads I seen on it, but here I had living proof with one person that it did work.   The real selling point for me, was how Jesse, explained to me that the best part of Keto was that he was never hungry.

So on the typical resolution day of January 1, I set out to live and eat Keto.

Here is my story, experience and advice for anyone considering Keto.

30 lbs lighter than Jan 1.

First off, before I get into the how it works, and my recommendations on what to do, I will say right now for the record.  Keto has been the best change in my lifestyle in the past 30 years.

From around the age of 35 right up to before Keto, I had a bad acid reflux condition.  So much so, that I was taking ZANTAC for almost 15 years.  Now Zantac as been taken off the market because of its link to cancer.  SHIT!  And you wonder why people don’t trust vaccinations, and other “prescription medicine.  Anyways, that’s another story.  My acid reflux was so bad, but it only occurred at night when I was sleeping.  The heartburn would be so bad, it was the most painful thing to experience every night, so taking something at this point, (which I am so normally against), was the best option according to my doctor.  To let the acid burn in your esophagus is much worse that taking something to prevent this.  So for 15 years, I was on and off with Zantac, Prevacid, and more recently Nexium .

Well, what I am about to tell you might be hard to believe.

But before I tell you, let me clarify just how bad this situation was for me.  My friends have witnessed it.  Almost anytime I have eaten meat at dinner in the past 5-10 years, I have had severe choking problems.  I mean so bad, that a few times, I almost ended up on the floor passed out.  This has been a big problem.  Even worse, the acid at night sometimes would in the middle of the night shoot up and out of my nose leaving a burning throat and nose, like only those that have experienced it, would understand.

The amazing news!

5 days after being on Keto, I quit all heartburn medicine.  I haven’t had heartburn once since.  I no longer have any of the side effects of that heartburn either.  I still occasionally have difficulty at dinner with meat, but it is a vast improvement, in a very short period of time.  Pretty sure now, and for awhile, it is a learned thing with eating too.  Since I have had this problem for so long, as soon as something starts to get stuck, I get anxiety.  Anxiety over what could happen.  Now, the anxiety is the bigger problem, and I have learned, to just keep calm, relax, and then the food goes down, EVERY TIME NOW.

Keto has completely restored the balance of acid and alkaline quantities in my body.

I will for the rest of my life be on a version of Keto, or paleo, and this single change in my diet has changed my life.  Changed my life so much, that I am reaching the best shape I have been in nearly 20 years.  I haven’t even started to work out again yet.  That’s right, I have lost 30 pounds, and I didn’t even break a sweat doing it.  I am rarely ever hungry, except when I fall off and eat poorly with bad carbs for a few days, and have to reset the whole ketosis thing.   No working out.  Lost 30 lbs.  No heartburn, and my choking problem of 10-15 years, nearly gone permanently.

So what is Keto?

Keto is eating the majority of your calories in healthy fats.  Not garbage fats, but healthy fats.  The ratio per calorie intake that is my perfect sweet spot is 75% fat calories, 15% protein calories, and 10% carbohydrates (which is mostly consumed in good carbs from vegetables and fruit).   Anyone suffering from the same condition I had, I would seriously recommend getting on Keto, but because I am not a doctor, and you could have different ailments than me, I would consult a physician first.  Hopefully, he isn’t anti keto.  Hopefully he is better than the doctor that told me Zantac was harmless.

So if you want to do Keto, there is a right way and a wrong way.

Many of my friends seen this massive change in my weight, and noticed that I look healthier, and my skin is better too.  So some of them went on Keto too.  However, you cannot blindly eat fats to the percentages I said above and expect results.  The only way to lose weight no matter what diet you are on, is to consume less calories than you burn.  So I already had the app Lose It from years ago, when I managed to lose 20 lbs and get it all back.  The lose it app, simply records the composition and calories of the food you eat.  Without some sort of tracker, any and all diets are useless.   You must be able to quantify your daily calories consumption so that you can measure, and stay under.  This app does that.  Its also nice because it has a scanner on it, and most of the times, just about anything you buy from any of the big grocery stores,  you can scan the item you are eating, and put in the quantity or weight, and it will add all the nutritional data for you.  It’s a bit of a pain at first, but so is acid reflux.  Get your priorities straight.  LOL.

So in this app, it will ask you Male or Female, then body weight, and desired body weight, and desired time for this outcome.  You do all of that, and presto it gives you the amount of calories you can consume in a day.  And quite frankly, no matter what you eat, and if you didn’t do Keto, and followed this without cheating your going to lose the weight.  However, with Keto, by eating so much fat in your calories you teach your body that it needs to burn fat.  If you don’t consume your daily calories, or you are under, fat is the only thing that is there to burn.  And the weight comes off, really, really fast.  I lost 15 lbs in the first 15 days.

So, download the Lose It app for android or iPhone, and start this the right way.

To mentally prepare, set a start date a week or two into the future.  This way you will be able to purge your house of bad foods.  Now, let me clarify something for you.  I don’t feel like I have given anything up  on Keto.  I don’t eat potato chips anymore, and I thought that would have been really hard.  It was my weakness.  Don’t need them.  Don’t crave them anymore.  Once you enter ketosis, you will not feel hunger anymore, and you won’t have bad carb cravings.  If you do, then you are doing something wrong, and you have not entered ketosis.  Ketosis takes about 2-5 days depending on the person.

A good tip for your Keto Diet.

When I first started eating Keto, I found it really hard to consume 75-80% of my calories in fat.  Until I discovered the ultimate Keto staple.  Whipping cream, 33 and a third percent.  I use this for my coffee now.  Nothing else.  Also good for making creamy cheese sauces.  Without whipping cream, you will have a hard time getting your fat intake.  You need high fat content from healthy fats, but with 0 carbs.  Here are some good keto staples to have:

  • whipping cream 33 and third percent (check carbs, some brands seem to have them)  I use Dairyland.
  • olive oil
  • avocado oil

Cooking your meat in one of these oils in a pan, is very keto friendly.

So what do I mostly eat now a days?

I eat a lot of salads.  There is not much fat in salads, other than the dressings, so I use oil and vinegar, or other low carb dressings that have good fat content.  And I still eat meat.  Eggs and bacon is the perfect Keto breakfast, and while all this time “experts” have been telling us that these things are bad for us.  My body internal systems, have not felt this good since I was in my mid 20’s riding a bike 100 km a day.  I will start to work out, as I am getting thin enough now, that I want to start toning it back, plus I have 10 more lbs to go to get to my ideal body weight.  So I am going to finish these last 10 lbs by working out and eating Keto.


There is a lot of controversy over this diet.  Eating fat sounds ridiculous.  But 5 months after I started it, I feel better.  My energy levels are way up.  I am never hungry (except when I fall off sometimes for days, or even a week or two) I have no heartburn or esophagitis.  So for me, Keto was the best thing I have ever done for my diet.  Once people understand that Keto isn’t an all meat diet, and that you need to just cut out rice, potatoes, and other high carb things, and eat a lot of life force food (vegetables and fruit), you will restore the natural balance that you body is supposed to be in.

Yes. I made this. It’s really my drink. Yes it was delicious.

What about drinking?

Yes, I know, we all want to have fun, and participate in some social drinks from time to time.  Stay away from beer.  All hard alcohols are 0 carbs.  Gin is one of the lower calorie drinks, so my new drink is gin and diet tonic.  Its delicious, and 60 calories per drink with 0 carbs.

If you have your own success story or any questions about Keto, feel free to drop a comment below.  It would be appreciated, and I would love to hear your thoughts.