Being self employed for the past 15 years has made me lazy.

Something that I really need to change.   I went through some stuff a few years ago, and it compounded my laziness due to depression.   Now, I am over the depression (I think), but I am still lazy.

It wasn’t always this way.

Back in 2004, I was burning a candle from both ends, working a full day at work, then attacking my computer immediately after dinner and sometimes not finishing work until 1-2 hours before I had to get up for my day job.  I did this for a couple of years.  I wanted to crack the code in internet marketing.  It was hard.  It was frustrating, and the only thing that kept me going is that I knew I hated working for my boss.  Badly.

Sometimes we are more motivated to work away from pain, than we are towards pleasure.  If there is a pain point in our life, we need to stop it and our motivation is higher.  When there is no pain, or adversity, some of us like to coast.  I am certainly one of those people.   What about you?

In that time between 2005 and now, I quit smoking.  Weight seemed to stick to my midsection like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth.  My commute was from my bedroom to the coffee machine and then to a desk.  Previously I had always worked blue collar jobs that were very physical.  Well, not entirely true.  There was that 7 year stint as a sales broker for a large moving company that got me working from home in the first place.  But in 2004 I googled how to make money from home, and the rest is history.  6 months later I was making more on my side hustle than my day job.

For a long while my work ethic was still going strong though based on past habits of HAVING to work hard.   So I built a cleaning company with my ex that at its peak had 10 employees, and we had cleaning routes all the way from West Vancouver to Chilliwack.  These were the glory years.

Then shit hit the fan, when my marriage went south.  I became depressed, which fuelled my laziness.  I had enough in my tank to start working on the project that sealed my fate as a really lazy ass guy.   I worked 16 hours a day again, for 2 years back in 2015, and created a lifetime of residual income in a niche that will never dry up.

Then my laziness combined with depression really put me out for a few years.

The only time I got up in the morning was to drive my son Jeremy to school.  Then often, (mostly), I would just come back home and crawl into bed, sometimes until it was time to pick him up.  Holy fuck, this was lazy.  It was great that I had the ability to do this in the toughest part of my life because of my residual income, but it sucked in a way, that it was compounding my laziness.

But alas, there is a good turn to this story.

2 years ago I joined a pool league and it rekindled my passion for pool.  Previously competing at a very high level, I had since left league play for many years, and just banged the balls around with friends at not a very competitive level.  Joining a league and finding out there was so many good pool players in the Fraser Valley, re-motivated me to have a goal.  To get my game back to top shape.  I have come a long way, but still have a ways to go.  Fortunately, through my depression and laziness, I never lost my competitive streak, and when you light a match under my ass, I am good to go.

But now, I am facing a cross roads.  With Covid, I have recognized an opportunity.  A shift in the way the world is going, as much as I hate it.  I don’t like what’s happening in the world, and I am concerned, but the opportunistic side of me sees a chance to create something bigger than anything else I have created.  So my motivation is coming back.  I started reactivating my old stale social media profiles that were all but virtually abandoned for many years.  I don’t even think half of my followers even remember why they followed me, but I know that the diehards that have been buying internet marketing products from me years ago, know me.

When I started posting some stuff about my income, I suddenly got inundated with messages of people asking me to teach them on how I do what I do.  This is so impractical on so many levels.

  1.  I am still a lazy mofo.
  2. I want to help people, but one at a time is ridiculously unfulfilling
  3. It is also a giant time sucker, which is the reason I do what I do in the first place.

So the spark is lit again.  Now I have 2 projects I need to do, and I am highly motivated once again.

The first project is one that I am going to build for all the pool players out there that own pool tables at home.  It will be revolutionary to the sport, and a way for enthusiasts to connect with players all over the world, effortless, and in a very fun way.  $$$$ Money games too!

Then the second project is a project I have put on the back burner for at least 10 years.  And that is an A-Z internet marketing course that will teach ANYONE how to create a recurring income from a passion they have had but learning how to turn their passion into a digital course, for recurring subscriptions, or one time payments that could easily result in the success I have had with 6 membership sites over the past 15 years.

So, here is my dilemma.

The first project will take 1 year of my time, and about 30-60k of my money to code the things that I am unable to do.  I have had people reach out to me and have investors that want a piece.  This is something I never thought of before.  The project is only going to take about 2 months to launch, but when I say there is a years work, it is to get it it where I want it to be.  I value this start up at 200k.   I am willing to give up 50% of this new venture, as to not use my own money, and keep my money in the bank where I like it.  Never before did I think anyone would be interested in investing in my projects, but this time people approached me, when I announced what I was planning on doing.  I am waiting on one last person to see if they are in, and I have secured the 100k for 50 percent for my partners.

There is something I am thinking though.   The higher the valuation, the more power I have with my advertising campaigns, so if you are interested in learning more and you have some money you would like to invest, I am putting it out there.  Hit me up by email here if you want to learn more.  

If I lock up the money in the next 30 days, I will put the internet marketing course on the back burner and pound out the launch of the new platform for pool players.  If I don’t, I will launch my internet marketing course first.   I see a need for both of these, and I want to meet the demand for both.  So they are both on my schedule for the rest of this very fucked up 2020.

So please tell me, what would you do?

Or even better yet, what interests you more…   An investment opportunity, or even the pool players platform just for use, OR learning how to retire in the next 12 -18 months with your own residual income business that could potentially pay you 4-10 times what your pension will pay you when you retire.

Just for example.

If I had made this investment opportunity available the last time for my main income site, and an investor had put down 100 grand for 50%, they would be collecting in between 3800 on the worst month to 7000k on its best month for the past 5 years.  A pretty fucking good return.  If I was to sell the business lock, stock and barrel today, I would ask nothing less than 700k for it.  A far cry from the 70k I was offered shortly after I launched the site in 2015.  The value of this site will continue to grow, and eventually my exit plan with this site is after it is worth a million to shop around some buyers.

This new business, I expect to do much better than this.


  1. Because I have learned more and have refined my skills.
  2. There is a greater demand in this niche where people love the sport and WILL spend the money.
  3. It is a broader appeal than my other niche.

So, don’t be shy.  Comment below and tell me which one of these appeals to you more.  It might help me decide my priorities regardless of investments.  I might have this locked up within the week anyways.   You can always ask about more if you want to know more here.

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