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I shut down my blog after I wrote my book for the last few years.  I have just been chilling.  Been semi-retired for many years now with a passive residual income, so I haven’t been doing any marketing for clients in for the past several years.  I have been coasting on my residual income, but have revitalized my interest in pushing it as high as it can go,  so I decided to start writing again.  Writing is something I really like to do, and many of my readers of this blog in the past, really enjoyed my storytelling, so I have decided to resume again.

I think I have a commitment issue though, and thats why I shut down the blog.

Writing was never meant to be an obligation.   I am not writing on this blog to make money, but more to tune in and freshen up my writing.  Now it is out of choice that I am blogging again, and for this reason, this blog will be mostly real life stuff, with a little internet marketing how to’s, for small businesses looking for free advice.

Not really interested in trading time for dollars, possibly ever again, but if you had something that I had an interest in, like pool, or some humanitarian project that I could get involved in, it might be considered.

No small business work.  EVER!  If I am to work again with clients, your business will have to have 1M+ in annual sales, with a 5% online marketing budget.  Having said, that, let’s have fun and talk about really matters.  Pool, and the rest of it.  LOL.  Only a pool player will understand that.

So here is what I am up too.


When the pool league resumes, I have a goal with my fargo score.  I want to reach 700+ in fargo.  So if you are a pool player and want to see some cool videos,  accept notifications from this site, and I will post cool pool videos, matches, tournament videos, etc, etc.  There is some serious work to do with my consistency to make 700 in Fargo though.  Sometimes I shoot like a 700, and other times, not so much.   LOL.  With Covid 19, you think I would have played a lot of pool, but I didn’t.  It was more important for me to start writing again.

I think for my first pool videos I am going to pickup where I left off 7 years ago, with the first speed pool I posted on Youtube.  Except this time I am going to work with only 10 balls like it was supposed to be.  I will set a lofty goal of a 45 second break and run.  In speed pool, you don’t shoot in order, you just shoot them down in the fastest time possible, and there is a 5 second penalty for missing any shot after the break.  Looking forward to making some good videos in this niche.


In the past I owned a web marketing agency.  The knowledge I acquired since working in this industry from 2005, helped me build a nice small business of clients from all over North America.  I built over 300 websites to date, and have marketed just about everything under the sun with my clients websites ranging from injury lawyers, dentists, home builders, contractors, other internet marketers and more.  In the end though, I was trading my time for dollars, and I most certainly undervalued my services.  As a result I ended up with too many clients, and too much work.  I will not repeat that mistake again.  In this section of my blog, I will mostly post articles for people trying to build a business with helpful articles on how to market your business online.   If the right offer for my services come along, I will consider it.

Where I would best fit is in a start up that has money, and needs good framework built with the marketing in mind.  Preferably you have an IT team that I could give direction too in a consulting role.  This is probably where I would make the best benefit to business, and not suck away my time or your dollars doing the stuff that doesn’t make either of us any money.

There is only 3 things you need to be successful with your marketing plan,  WEBSITE, TRAFFIC, then CONVERSION.

While I worked with small companies, what I failed to get across to my clients was that number 2, and number 3 are far more important than number 1.  Without traffic, and cleverly crafted marketing funnels , your website is nothing but a business card to be forgotten with the other 5 billion business cards on the internet.  Build, split test, narrow down design elements, colours, headlines, and sales copy on facts, not on your idea of what looks nice.  Traffic, test, tweak.  Traffic , test tweak.


This is the part that I am most looking forward too.   After all, we all work, and do what we do so that we can enjoy things in life right?  It’s not like any of us are going to the graves wishing we could have neglected our loved ones more, by working longer and harder hours.  Most people are working for the weekends, as LOVERBOY used to sing.  We need to stop to smell the roses, daffodils, or dandelions for all that matters.  We need to save the bees…..climb a mountain, jump out of an airplane, and push ourselves to enjoy our time here!

In these blog posts, I am going to try and post some really fun adventures that sometimes I get into.  Like, jumping off a 100 ft cliff last year and ending in the hospital. Now I bought a drone so that you watch me hurt myself from a better angle.  🙂  So armed with my new drone, watch some of videos of friends, and kids hanging out and making asses out of ourselves.  Well probably that last part only refers to me as my friends will attest.  🙁 sigh….

Seriously though, this life section will just be an ordinary blogger guy being an overgrown adolescent.  Stay tuned for that, who doesn’t want to see that right?

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