Speed Pool Challenge Rules

  1.  Rack 10 balls in any order
  2.  Time starts on cueball impact to break.
  3.  Sink in any order.
  4.  Flukes count.
  5.  Missing a shot is a 5 second penalty.
  6.  Scratching off the break is not a penalty, ball in hand.
  7.  Time stops when last ball is potted.
  8.  You can only shoot when cueball comes to a complete rest (others balls, can still be moving)


How to compete

  1. First share this post to invite your friends to compete too!
  2. Film your best game times, and upload to your favourite social media site, ie.. Facebook, YouTube, twitter, Instagram, or wherever.
  3. Revisit this page, and comment below with a link to your video.
  4. If you don’t want to play, drop a comment below, just to say hi, so I know that you were here.
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