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The quickest way to make massive changes in your life is to address the things that are stopping you from attaining your goals.  Custom hypnosis is what helped me come back from near the brink of suicide to the once confident, happy, fulfilled person that I always was before life’s tragic events occurred.  Sometimes we need some extra help to BREAKTHROUGH our current patterns.  Read below for full details.


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There are few things as powerful to induce change in one persons life as hypnosis.  Hypnosis works quietly on changing the negative beliefs you have acquired throughout your life, effortlessly by listening to it at night just before bedtime.  When I was in my darkest period of my life, feeling completely run over from neglecting to protect myself from the pitfalls of living with an addict, I was nearly on the brink of suicide.  I hired a hypnotist to work directly with my specific negative beliefs addressing my name personally in the hypnosis file and MY OWN personal negative beliefs.  This changed everything for me.   Now, my biggest fears based in internal lies are no longer with me.  I am free to move forward in life confident and I will never subject myself to any kind of abuse EVER.

A hypnotist will charge you approximately $150 dollars for one session, and one session is never enough.  Most of the time to receive good results you will need 10-20 sessions making this a very expensive option for most people.  However, all hypnosis is self hypnosis.  When you have a custom hypnosis file specifically made to address your negative self beliefs, you will be able to listen to this file for as long as it takes.  Usually 30 days every night at bedtime will make a permanent lasting change.

This custom hypnosis file is UNIQUE for every single person and is based on a questionnaire that you will redirected too after your purchase.

I have partnered up with the hypnotist that helped me, and she is offering her services to my subscribers and book purchasers.  If you bought a book, use your coupon code to save 200 dollars off of the price here.  I don’t know how long she will honour this price for me, but as long at this page is here, it is available for the price listed, AND $200.00 OFF with the coupon.

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