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This is for businesses that gross no less than 1, 000,00/year, and have a marketing budget of at least 3%.  If you do not meet that criteria, there is no sense on buying this audit.  If someone purchases this audit and doesn’t meet that criteria, there will be a prompt refund and no audit performed

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What have you done that can 100% conclusively ensure that you are maximizing your marketing efforts for your business?

I want you to ask yourself a few simple questions.

  1. Is every phone call, purchase order, sale, client request measured to how much it cost to get and where it came from?
  2. Do you know what keywords are performing to drive sales to your company, and what ones are the most profitable?
  3. Do you know 100% conclusively the keyword sets that attract your most ideal customer?
  4. Is your website a brochure site that shows nice pictures, and has good information on your site, or is it an external sales force that finds, captures and converts leads into sales all without even any contact from anyone from your company?

After doing marketing for years, and helping companies achieve tremendous results I can say I am shocked on how many companies are spending excessive amounts of advertising with no real measurement of their success.  Google analytics is great, but if you are not measuring every phone call or web lead that comes into your business with backwards tracking to EXACTLY what originated that action, your marketing dollars could be going down the toilet.  In fact over the hundreds of companies I worked with between 2010 – 2015 before I retired, I can say that 100% of them were throwing money away in their marketing efforts.

I utilize the most cutting edge systems that are more advanced than 98% of the “big corporate” advertising companies that charge exorbitant rates for lack luster results.

What could your business be if you knew the very specific keyword phrase that brought in your ideal client time and time again, without throwing tens of thousands of dollars to find out what it is?

This is only one piece of information in a giant puzzle that makes for successful internet marketing.

I am 50 years old, and I am retired.  Sort of.  For the past several years, I have been coasting on a 6 figure income generated by my imagination, my sales copy, and some cool marketing methods I know.  I don’t have to work at all, and I will have a 6 figure year.  I took the last several years off because of some deeply troubling problems in my family.  It is only through my internet marketing that I was able to take that time off and focus on my trying to solve a problem in my family that had only one outcome.

This chapter is passed, and although I love passively collecting income from work I did years ago, I am bored.  It is time to get back to what I do best.  Helping people and companies create the changes in their lives or businesses that will impact them for the rest of their life.

I know without a doubt if you take a very small chance on my personal audit of your business, that you will thank your lucky stars the day you met David Cheyne.  I could tell you many stories of what I have accomplished over the years in online marketing, but I don’t want to bore you.  You have your business needs, and that is what we need to focus on.

I just want to drive one point home and make this perfectly crystal clear for you.

I don’t need your business.  I am perfectly happy right now enjoying time with my kids, the sunshine, travelling, and doing what I love to do.  It took a lot for me to decide to start working again.  It had to be right for me.  It had to be something that I would receive pleasure doing.  If you are not doing something you have love regardless of the income you make, then you are living a sad life.  Since 2003 I have created over several 6 figure businesses from scratch, with no marketing budget, no staff, and no help.

I get online marketing.

So I would like to offer you a chance to learn what you could do better.   I 100% know that whatever you are doing, it could be refined.  I have seen minortweaks on sites increase sales by over 30%.  I have seen the silliest of things like 1 minute fixes that are causing hundreds of thousands of dollars in what I call CONVERSION LEAKS.

Let’s make this perfectly clear, easy and concise.

There is only 2 things you need to do in online marketing whether you are using your own website or social media.

Drive traffic to your offer, and convert into a customer.

Period.  End of story.

The thing is, inside of those 2 things, there are multiple methods and strategies, and every industry is different.  You will not sell Dom Perrier to a Budweiser beer drinker.  You need to pinpoint your marketing efforts to draw in the MOST profitable customers that give you the least amount of grief.

So here is where the rubber meets the road.

I could have done this for free in an effort to attract more customers, but truthfully, this is exactly what I am talking about in marketing.  Your time, and my time is too valuable to waste.  The information I will reveal to you COULD increase your sales by hundreds of thousands of dollars in this next year alone, so if you don’t want this information, then no problem.  I understand.  You don’t know me.  All is good.  Thanks for visiting my site.

If you sense that you could be doing something better, then……

Choose To Audit Your Business Marketing Methods

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