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WordPress is now powering 30% of the websites in the world.  It has definitely become the number 1 used system to build websites because of many reasons.  However, because of this wordpress is subject to hacking attempts by bots on a daily basis.  They scan the web looking for wordpress websites that are not updated ,or have vulnerabilities in them, and then they exploit them and hack them.  This can be a nightmare if you are the owner, and your website is producing serious income.  1 – 2 days can bring your business down to its knees if you are relying heavy on online generated income.

Unfortunately, because wordpress is so popular, just like windows is more popular than Mac, it means that it becomes a target just like PC’s do for viruses.  Whatever the majority of users are using, the hackers in this world focus their attention on that.

Some more bad news.

99% and even higher hosting services out there do not manage your wordpress site.  It is your responsibility.  If you forget to update plugins or themes, you are vulnerable to attack.  Getting in is easy for a hacker that exploits vulnerable hosting setups, and weakly administered wordpress sites.

The good news.

We go way further than any hosting company out there.  We only host wordpress.  Everything we do is wordpress.  The real kicker though, is that upgrading plugins or themes is no longer your concern.  Neither is getting hacked.  We secure your site.  We upgrade your plugins as updates become available.  If a plugin upgrade breaks your site, no problem your site is backed up every day.  If your site is hacked, no problem, your site is switched to the previous day, the loophole in the hack is patched, the passwords are all changed, and probably most of this happened before you even knew anything about it.  Your site is scanned daily for malware or suspicious links.

You will never have to worry about maintaining your wordpress website again.  We got you covered.

Your website is like having a permanent sales staff working for you all over your targeted area recruiting new customers, and closing them.  At least if its built right.  You need to nurture this employee, and do regular tuneups and maintenance that the average wordpress user just does not have a clue about.

Let us take all the worry out of the web side of your business so that you can focus on driving targeted customers to your business.  Easy Peasy.

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