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My name is David Cheyne.  I have been internet marketing since 2005.

I have created a stream of residual income that allows me the freedom to do with my time what I wish.  I have taken the last several years off of helping clients with their businesses, and am re-opening some select services that I really enjoy.   If you have a business, and would like to maximize your online marketing efforts, I am your guy.

Since 2005, I have personally built hundreds of websites,  more importantly, I have turned them into money making machines for my clients  Most recently I created a digital asset that pays me a full time living for about 10 hours of work per month.  I do not have any interest in making websites for clients anymore, however, marketing, helping with increasing conversion, sales, and making you more money for your online business is something I have a passion for, and the time.

Here are some of the things I can help you with to make more money with your online marketing efforts.

  • sales copy
  • speed optimization
  • funnel optimization
  • membership sites
  • ecommerce marketing
  • product fulfillment and content delivery systems
  • and more.

Below is posts on internet marketing that might help the diy people with small business.  I do not make recommendations lightly and only talk about services ,and products used to help my business and my past clients business that have been tried, tested and true.

Internet Marketing Blog Posts

Add 40% to your bottom line overnight!

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Over the past several years, I have learned how important your website page loading time is.

My main residual income site is a membership site.  It has 26,000 members on it, and there is a lot of dynamic content on it.  Dynamic content is content that individualizes each members experience when […]

David Cheyne Play

When I was younger, I had a goal of competing in pool at a world class level.   Live kind of took over, and since there is really no money in being a professional pool player (at least not enough to pursue as a living), I gave up on my dreams.

A year and half ago, I joined a pool league again, and revitalized my passion for the game.  Now without the need to make money playing pool, I want to push my game to its limits and compete with some of the best players in the country.  I have a long ways to go, but I have the time to do it, and will be posting videos of tournaments, and my play for people that are interested in the game.  Some of the posts might be instructional, some will be just fun, some might be some cool trick shots.  You can follow me on my social networking platforms if you want to see my progress.    I would like to get my Fargo score above 700 which is the beginning of the pro level of pool.  Currently, as an unknown, I have been designated a 539 for my starter Fargo.  I will update my Fargo as things change here.

I also will post other fun videos of things I am doing.

Fun Blog Posts

David Cheyne Speed Pool Take 2

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Speed Pool Challenge Rules  Rack 10 balls in any order  Time starts on cueball impact to break.  Sink in any order.  Flukes count.  Missing a shot is a 5 second penalty.  Scratching off the break is not a penalty, ball in hand.  Time stops when last ball is potted.  You [...]


All people will go through trials and tribulations in their life.  I certainly have had my share of them.  I bet you have too.  Each one of our problems are no worse or better than other people’s, but when you are in a storm in your life, it certainly might feel like no one around you can understand what you are going through.  It might even be true.  I have learned that whatever we go through in our life, it is not what happens to us that makes the difference.  It is how we react to these things that shape our lives.

When I was 18, I read the book Think and Grow Rich.  At that time it resinated with me so much, that it was the most important book in my life.  Now 35 years later, it is still one of my favourite books of all time.  However, I am at a place in my life, where money is not the primary concern.   I have enough to live, eat, travel, and have the toys in my life that add some excitement.  True happiness needs none of these things though.  True happiness comes from acceptance of who you are, and living congruently with your internal truth.

A few years ago I was going through some personal stuff that nearly destroyed my life.

It was so bad, I wrote a book about it.  I wanted people not to have to go through what I was going through.  The book is available on amazon, but this is a chapter in my life, that I no longer want to revisit, so no link for the book here.  It happened, and I was in depression for several years before this, and a few after.  I can now happily say, that all things worked out in the end for me.  Our life is a river, and it flows through some rough patches of rocks sometimes, but there is always a calm pool somewhere in the river, and I would encourage every one to find their spot.

My primary source of income is helping others through hypnosis.  If you do not believe in self hypnosis, that’s fine.  No worries here.  I won’t even promote my site here, because it does enough from my marketing efforts that I don’t need to promote anything on DavidCheyne.com.  I have reopened my blog after dealing with my personal demons, only to provide services in marketing, and for my 150,000 newsletter subscribers that have been following me from my internet marketing days way back in 2005.   I have not worked much in the past 5 years, because my choices in marketing allowed me this opportunity.  If you are struggling with things in your life, I would highly suggest getting custom hypnosis made that deals with your exact issues.  Our mind works in funny ways, and the things in our life that are happening, is just a reflection of what our inner subconscious mind is creating.  Control your subconscious, and you will control your life.  Hypnosis has not only been a great income maker for me, it first was the catalyst for massive change for me.   I then turned it into a full-time living for me.

If you are going through some really hard times, self hypnosis is a great way for you to change some inner beliefs that may be keeping you stuck in a holding pattern like I was for many years.   My life is now starting to shape into everything I dreamed it would when I was 18 reading the book Think and Grow Rich.

Be your own ambassador and seek out the best ways to change the things about you that are not working.  Enough said.

Empowerment Blog Posts

David Cheyne Speed Pool Take 2

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Speed Pool Challenge Rules  Rack 10 balls in any order  Time starts on cueball impact to break.  Sink in any order.  Flukes count.  Missing a shot is a 5 second penalty.  Scratching off the break is not a penalty, ball in hand.  Time stops when last ball is potted.  You [...]

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