Jeremy’s 17th Birthday At Apex Trampoline Park

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I am so glad my kids are into physical fitness.  I am proud of both of them.  However, every time I go with them to do something like this, it reminds me of how much further I have to go on my road back to my optimal 52 year old self.  Still need to lose that last 15 pounds, and get my cardio way back up.  Trampolining is a very heavy cardio workout, and today I am feeling sore all over.... LOL.  

Lighthouse Park Cliff Diving

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This is a video I made of Jeremy, Aidan (friend of Jeremy), and myself taking a host at 70 footer at lighthouse park.  Fun stuff.   Not as bad as the 100 footer I did last summer when I cracked my ribs.  Sometimes I forget I am 50+ and do some crazy ass stuff that I shouldn't but you will never be able to take the kid out of me, and this year, I have lost 30 lbs so far, with 10 to go, so I am more prepared to bring my daredevil ways back.  Battling with weight for the past 20 years, I have got it out back in control, and am approaching the best shape I have been in almost 20 years.  So more videos coming this summer I am sure.

Sasquatch Zipline

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This was a fun day with my son Jeremy and I.  The Sasquatch zipline is North America's longest zipline at 7000 feet.  At its highest point you are 600 feet above the ground, and you are moving at speeds of 140 km/hour.  The whole ride takes about 90 seconds, and it is extremely exhilarating.  I would highly recommend any thrill seeker to take a zip on this.

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