Cutting Off Addiction At The Pass

There are a few major reasons addiction occurs, but I wrote a book on that, so I am not going to get into great detail in my words here.  The short version is trauma, childhood influence, lack of self esteem, combined with external co-existing factors.

At the end of the day though, most addiction can be traced back to our youth.

That’s why I have written and directed a speech tuned into to helping the youth IDENTIFY there risks for addiction based on some telling factors in my speech.  Students will be compelled to look at little deeper than they ordinarily will look, and will also think twice about the actions they are doing daily, or weekly.

They will also be encouraged to seek help if they have experienced trauma, and lets face it, being a teen is already a traumatic experience.  In my carefully constructed 1 hour speech, I will delve into addiction, self esteem, and give hands on practical stories and experience that will relate to the teenagers in a way that will impact their daily decisions.  This speech also touches on bullying, cyber and live in person.  It will help the traumatized understand that getting these things resolved now while they are young will help them be more productive later on in life.  For some, it will IMMEDIATELY alter the course of their lives.  For others, it will stop their bullying.  For victims of trauma, it will show them how to get help, and make them want to do it.

This is a speech developed from my own life experiences that are quite tragically more chaotic than the average person due to trauma that was left unchecked for decades.  Men in general do not seek help and stuff things down and figure that we don’t have the need to deal with stuff.  Shit happens, so what?  Wrong.  Trauma will follow you through your life and impact every decision you make in the future because the negative self beliefs that are left unchecked.

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