Well, there are no words to describe this upcoming election.

This is going to be the most watched US election in World History, as many people that have done their research in the past 8 months that realize what is really going on, watch on wondering what is going to happen to the mighty US.  But this election goes much deeper than just the US.  That is why the world will be watching.  But it is a sad day in modern history, which this will become known as the most important US election in history.  It’s a sad day because of how we got here.

It has been a long time in the making.  Behind the scenes.  The elitists that have always been pulling the strings.  Putting in presidents that do their bidding.  Putting in world leaders in the right spots, and in the right organizations, like the WHO, CDC, FBI, CIA. It has gone by too long, mostly unchecked, and the power they attained is unfathomable.  It speaks to the world we live in now.

However, the good news, is that there are still far more good people on this planet, than there are bad people.  The bad people have just gained powerful positions that give them more leverage over the good people.  It is not lost though.  There are still good people in office.

Let me explain how I got here.

In 2016, I was a brainwashed person just like the majority of the planet.  I thought Donald Trump was an arrogant narcissist, that just loved the public attention.   I believed Hillary was corrupt, and I thought, if this is what the US has to choose from, wow, are they in a bad state.  After Donald won, for the next few years, I actually watched him deliver on what he said he would.  I actually watched this man deliver Middle East peace deals, that no previous president was ever able to accomplish.  I watched, him completely deflate the North Korea threat of Nuclear war.  I watched him pull troops out of countries that the US had no business being in the first place.  I watched him systematically restore America’s freedoms, and uphold the constitution, like no president had since Ronald Regan.  He won me over.  Then Covid 19 hit.

At first, I thought, here we go again, another bullshit virus, they are going to use to scare the fuck out of people, just like h1n1, and then it will just blow over.  Then I watched in horror, and I must admit, fell into the trap that so many of you are still in.  The fear trap.   For a month I watched the numbers spike.   Then I watched us “break the curve”.  Then I watched Trudeau and other world leaders SHUT DOWN THE ECONOMY.  That was the beginning of my wakeup.  That was when something did not smell right.

I started doing research.  I found a video that was extremely disturbing, announcing Covid 19, not as a virus, but an international United Nations plan to change the world into a totalitarianism world, with one economy, and one currency.  This seemed a little out there, so I dismissed it.  But I seen it again.  I noticed that it was getting put up on Facebook, and then taken down.  So I made a copy.  In this video, it was a warning from an Italian doctor, saying that they were going to make a vaccine that would be the worst vaccine of all.  It brought me back to an episode of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory shows, where in this episode, Jesse met with a doctor high up in the US Government that revealed that the flu shot that was given each year, was weakening the immune system to the people that took it, getting ready for a vaccine that would change the world.  It was scary and I seen this episode back in 2013.  Of course, I dismissed that too.

But here we are.  This Italian doctor warned of a vaccine that was going to target people specifically that had been getting the flu shots regularly.  It didn’t dawn on me right away, because, I did not connect the dots.  I later remembered about the Jesse Ventura episode, when a friend reminded me of it.  But before that, just after the economy shut down, I was highly suspect, because never before was a whole world shut down, on at the time, very few deaths.  At least on a world wide level of shutting it down.

I started to research.  I found some very disturbing TRUTHS.  Not fictional stories, but truths, as you will hopefully see.  I guess, if you are here, you probably already have an idea.  But if this is the first time someone has tried to show you what is going on, please hold on.  I know this is undeniably, a story right out of a science fiction movie about the end of times.  But here we are.  We are really here.  I learned about Agenda 21.  I learned about the UN Global Reset plan for 2030 that starts in 2020.  I learned that many authors have been trying to warn us of this for the past 30 years.  David Icke being one of them.  Covid 19, was planned.   It is a real virus.  It was released on us.  The good news is, that now after 8 months, we have the real facts on the virus, and if you have not figured this out yet, it is because the media has been lying to you.   Here it is.  It is no deadlier than the flu.  Now, I know you can recite off a bunch of spewed fear mongering media that is quite contrary to this, but behind the scenes, doctors, scientists, are all SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS, the truth.  However, our media is bought and paid for by each Countries leaders that decided to participate in the Global Reset Program.

Please people, I am not going to put links up to all of this stuff.  There simply is no need for me to try and convince the unconvincable.  This post is really for the people that already know what we are up against.  If you decide to review other Covid posts on my blog, you might wake up.  You might see, what is going on.  Just click on Covid posts.  I have links to enough research on this site to fully wake you up.  We are in a crisis situation of epic proportions.  Some would say biblical prophecy proportions.  Especially since, Bill Gates, bought a patent with the number 060606 in it.  No, not posting a link to it here, but its on this site somewhere. And it is real.  And he has admitted to this.  The patent is for measuring body activity.  Body fluid motion.  It measures everything that your body does.  And then you get rewarded by cryptocurrency for doing “good actions”.   How does he think that anyone would be interested in doing this?  He doesn’t.  He wants the whole world to be vaccinated.   He is going to deliver this technology through nanotechnology that has been around for 15 years.  Clearly they have perfected it enough to patent it and put it in your body.

This will be the “mark of the beast” that the bible has been prophetic about.  Whether you believe in God or not, or Bill has a sick sense of humour to get a patent with 060606 in it.  The patent is real, and the vaccine is the delivery mechanism.  Bill has funded the WHO, the CDC, the Gavin Institute all in the “guise” of being a philanthropist.  But here is the dig folks.  He is not a philanthropist, he is a Eugenicist.  This is the belief in world population control.  His parents were founders of Planned Parenthood, and were avid Eugenicists.  Upon researching further, I found out that Bill had sterilized 6-700 thousand teenage girls in India, and killed 7 of them with his vaccines before he got kicked out of India.  He then went to Africa and did the same thing, practicing and perfecting his vaccines to eliminate, sterilize, and kill people for world population control.  I believe the next virus they release, the bodies are going to be dropping really badly, specifically in the third world countries, where they really want to thin the herd.  They will use this as fear, to completely cripple you way worse than your fear level is now.

Bear with me, I know this is ugly.

Now if you go and try to find any of this stuff, it is all fact checked, and respun as conspiracy theory.  However, at the outset of this pandemic, it was abundant, and the information was easy to find and corroborate. They are literally  re-writing history right in front of you.  This is fact.  And I have since learned that they have done this before.  The Spanish flu of 1914-1918 it was not a virus that killed all these people.  It was bacterial pneumonia.  There was also a book written by a survivor from that period, and she said that only the vaccinated died.  They have been using vaccinations for years for population control, and the flu shot is to make you weak so when they release a pandemic, they can kill off people that they targeted with the virus, this time old people with weak immune systems, and black people.  This creates and propagates the fear, and then they can implement their global reset plan to immunize the world with vaccines, and gain total control over our population.  Then implement total control government, as we have seen in the past 8 months.  Where governments leverage existing emergency act laws, to bypass civil rights to slowly move us to a completely controlled society.

I am sorry folks, if you do not believe this.  The evidence is abundant, and no matter how hard they try to suppress it, it will keep on popping up because good is fighting against evil.  But it is time for you to draw a line in the sand, and pull your head out of the sand, if you are still not believing this.   It is happening whether you believe it or not.  What it will take to beat it, is more of you awake, and understanding what we need to do to defeat it.

Now going back to the election.

Years ago, many good people in the US,  knew what was coming.  They told Donald Trump about it, because they knew he was a charismatic patriot that would not agree to doing this to the worlds population.  They knew that his personality and winning attitude could get him to be the President.  When he won, a full on attack launch by the Democratic Party that is for this UN Global Reset plan began.  They bought more media.  They enlisted the help of Facebook, Twitter, and Google, to further control the media, and what you see and don’t see.  We are all victims of lies from ALL MEDIA sources that have been brainwashing us into submission for what they have planned for us.  What they failed to account for, was our most basic instinct of survival.  What they failed to account for, is Good, always prevails in the end.  What they failed to account for, is that no matter how badly they brainwashed us, in the end, ALL OF US WOULD WAKE UP, on our own time, and fight and defeat them.

What is coming.

Getting back to this presidential election.  It is important for you to understand what is coming.

If Donald Trump wins, which by all accounts, he should by a landslide, because the media is lying about the polls, all hell is going to break loose.

If Joe Biden, wins, which by all counts, should be impossible, considering the failed attempts to hide his corruption as an insider working for the CCP and the Ukraine, all hell is going to break loose.

There is no escaping this.

Donald Trump is fortifying the White House, in preparation for riots, and an attempt at a coo, that George Soros, one of the key players in the UN Agenda is funding.  Apparently George has done this in other Countries, most recently Venezuela.  Dictatorship means that these elites only have 1 person to control in each Country.  The leaders of the countries report to them.  Trudeau is all in.  We are in big shit in Canada right now, unless he is overthrown, cooed, or voted out before this agenda plays out.  But not so sure that the other parties are not in this either based on the ridiculous stance they are taking on Covid, when all the evidence is out that the pandemic has been over for 6 months.  Don’t believe me.  Please, I don’t care.  There are now 50,000 doctors and scientists saying so, but if you have not seen that, you are not trying very hard.  You will be asleep right up to the moment until either we win, or you are in a concentration camp.

If Biden wins, he will immediately undo everything Trump has done in the past 4 years, reversing policies that preserved the American Constitution.  He will come for your guns, like Trudeau is now.  Because before they can get full control over a country, they need to strip citizens of the one thing stopping them.  Their guns.   He will also lock you all up in a Country wide lockdown.  Republican states will likely oppose this, and retain some control over their individual states.  But make no mistake about it, Biden’s in there to dismantle America and socialize the Country as part of the Global Reset Program.  This is a from now plan to 2030.  This was thought out decades in advance.  Every lockup now, and in the future, every subsequent virus they release, every bad thing that happens on the planet right now is designed to break us into submission.

Either way, it is not up to a political figure to save your ass.  It is up to you.  You WILL NEED TO FIGHT.  In one way or another, all of us are being called to stand up against the oppression that is upon us.  A leader can only do so much.  The rest of this falls on us.

Did you know that they even have the gall to advertise this now.  Look it up.  Here is there prediction.  By 2030, no one will own anything.  But we will all be happier.  They have made a promotional video saying this.  This is their prediction!

But this is the dressed up version to sell their idea on you.  You know the idea they disguised as Covid 19.  If this really was the utopian future we needed, why wouldn’t they just sell it, on popular vote?  Because they want to take everything you own away from  you and give to the government and the elitists, and they want to chip and track you.  Here is the real ugly truth of this GREAT PROMOTIONAL VIDEO in the guise of fixing humanity problems.

So buckle up people.  ON November 3, we enter a war.  We have already been in a Cold War for quite some time.  A Cold War in which our governments turned against us.  A Cold War in which their expected outcome is slavery of the human race, and to extinct the populations of third world countries, which in their minds are “useless eaters”.

They have divided us by color.

They have divided us with masks.

They have divided us by Voting party.

They have divided young people and old people.

All in the name of creating chaos, so what we would more easily succumb to their global reset plan.

But what if I was to tell you, that all this chaos was not us.  Ever.  Think hard people.  Each and every one of us, has a heart that wants to see other people happy.  We want to help our neighbour.  We want to give.  We want to love.  We want to laugh, love, and share experiences with friends.  All this chaos was by design.  Design by the puppeteers of this world.  But now they are going to fall.  They are going to fall big.  For the first time in hundreds of years, an opportunity is unfolding.  An opportunity of epic proportions.  An opportunity to rid this world of these ogliarchs that think they are superior to the rest of us.   The ones that have been cheating all along.  The ones that have been making the finance rules to filter all the money back to them.  The ones that want to control all of us.

It is time folks.  It is time to take our world back.  It is time for you to wake up and see that Covid 19 pandemic was planned, and even the dangerousness of the virus, is over.  It has been for 6 months.  The death rates, are now comparable to the flu.  The horror stories you read, some are fictional.  The ones that are real, and you know personally, ask them how many flu shots they had, because I KNOW that the younger healthier people that were effected by Covid 19, were effected because of the flu shot.  Make no mistake about it.  It’s easy to prove.  Ask the ones that you know that were greatly effected, about this. You will find the truth.

So what do we do?

Well folks, this is where I am going to put myself out on a limb.  I turned my back on God.  I stopped believing in a fairy tale, written by man, because to me it always seemed ridiculous.  And quite frankly, the tale itself might be.  No offence to Christians.  But this again was by design, when they removed the Lords Prayer from Schools.  This is by design when they systematically worked hard at removing religion from society.  This is one of the first things they stopped in their lockdowns.  It was so that people of prayer could not gather, and build faith in troubling times.  Yes, the church is corrupt.  Yes religion is a business.  A very corrupt one.  Yes, religion is not a gateway to God.  A gateway to God, or infinite connection to everything around you, lies within each one of us.  When you open this up, the truth will be clear.  The truth that we have been living in the Matrix, for most of our lives.  Everything we see, is not what it seems, and the evil forces at work, have played their hand, and this is our opportunity.

Whether you are a Christian, A Buddhist, or whatever spiritual principle that you follow, lets get together right now, and PRAY.  Don’t worry that in your mind there is only one God.  It does not matter.  What matters, is that the prophecies of the bible are coming true.  What matters, is that society has turned their backs on God, and look where we are.  WE are at a place that our society is about to crumble, and Evil literally will be in charge of the planet, if we do not realize, and tap into our “collective spiritual consciousness”

It started when God was stripped from us.  We must accept that there is higher purpose to our life.  We must accept that there are things we do not understand.  We must accept that we were never in control.  Ever.  All our power, and glory goes out to a divine purpose.  We are here now.  We are in the fight of our lives.  This is humanity.  Winner takes all.

I repent my bad ways.  I have asked forgiveness from my sins.   I stand with God.  Whatever that looks like.  Whatever I don’t know about him.  Whatever I have refuted in the past.  I stand with God.   I have never before written these words for the public.  Normally it would have been embarrassing to retract everything I have ever said about God.  But we are in a time, that ego must be shed.  We are in a time, where if we don’t realize what brought us here, we are doomed.  We are a time,  when prayer is needed by all.  Even though I have turned my back on God, there were many times in my life, where I found myself in a very bad situation, sometimes life threatening, and out of instinct I prayed, and things worked out.  If I am to be honest with you, there were many times in my life that the evidence of an external force protecting me, because I was not done here yet, was abundant.  Still I turned my back on it.  I ignored my inner voice that was like, holy shit, I can’t believe that just happened.

Many times.  The stories are remarkable, but rarely ever shared.

Now, my purpose is being revealed to me.   And yours is too.  Whether you are woke now, or not.  You are being called to step up.  To oppress our world leaders.  To not submit to slavery.  To not lose to the tyranny of the few to oppress the many.  This is not a drill.  We are in war.  It will become evident in a few days when the election happens.  It is the beginning of the biggest war period in our life times.  A world war 3 has already started, but you have not seen it.  You will see it on November 3.  The forces that wish this agenda on us, will not allow Trumps win to end it.  It will be more chaotic than ever.  They will create smoke and mirrors to make it look like Donald Trump is the reason for all this chaos.  Indirectly he is.  Because he is fighting this with everything he has, against a stacked deck. Against a population of Americans, that don’t even know.  Against world populations that are obediently following guidelines on a virus that has been over 7 months ago.  I am not working on waking you up anymore.  I am simply stating the facts.  You will wake up.  You will have no choice.  You will wake up, and or die.  Like the rest of us.  Even waking up, will not prevent the many deaths that will occur in this war.  I have been bracing myself for 7 months.  I knew this was coming.  I am now ok with it.  I am prepared to die, before I will be made a slave, and take the mark of any beast in me.  You think I am insane?  Its ok.  I love you anyways.  I have come to terms with all the names I have been called in the past 7 months.  I am not looking forward to “I told you so”. There is no win when you find out that I was right.  The only win for all of us, is to wake up, and defeat these tyrants once and for all.  We will win.  Trust in God.  Trust in the plan.  Do NOT GET VACCINATED, NO MATTER WHAT COMES YOUR WAY THIS NEXT YEAR.  Die first.  IT is the better of the options.   This vaccine should be stopped.  We have many people proving that it is not needed.  We have many doctors, scientists saying a big HELL NO!  We have police in countries starting to join us “conspiracy theorists”.   This is because GOOD WILL TRIUMPH OVER EVIL.

PRAY TODAY.  PRAY EVERYDAY.  RECONNECT WITH YOUR GOD WHOEVER THAT IS.  YOU WILL NEED STRENGTH FROM EXTERNAL FORCES TO EVEN WITNESS WHAT YOU WILL WITNESS IN 2021.  This is the year of the biggest civil revolution the planet has ever seen.  God be with you!

Here are some actionable plans too besides waiting for God to do the work for you.

  1.  Under any lockdowns, do not obey.  You are a free human being.  Do not wear masks, and do not submit to a lockdown.  In Canada, and many worlds, the police are starting to side with us the citizens.  The police here in Vancouver, and area, already have told the people at these protests, that they will not arrest anyone under lockdowns, or not wearing masks if a mask mandate happens, because it is a violation of our charter of rights.  On November 5, if another lockdown happens, we encourage all businesses to defy these orders.  They are already doing it Ontario,  without opposition from the police.  They are trying to destroy your small business never to open again.  Don’t let them.  If you obey the lockdown, you will lose your business anyways.  Stay open, and people will come.  We are all waking up.
  2. Stop buying from all big stores.  Our consumer power dictates policy.  Not them.  If everyone stopped buying from Walmart, Superstore, they would adjust policy remove, mask mandates, and arrows, and stop being communistic in how we shop.  Arrows in aisles, this is fucking ridiculous.  Arrows protect from airborne viruses.  Cmon people think.  Disrupt every rule that has been forced upon us.  Go the opposite direction in arrow aisles.  Take off your mask, and ignore all tyrant laws.  If you get a fine, have your day in court.  The science proves that you are in the right.  The tickets if any come, will be thrown out in court.  Or throw them out, and ignore them.  Whatever it takes, we will not submit to tyranny.  Pay more and buy from small business.  They need your help, and our actions of paying more, will kickstart the economy, and the money will start to flow back to the common folk like us.
  3. Attend the peaceful protests that are happening in your area.  They are all growing as more and more people wake up.  Go to one and you will learn the truth about all of this.  Trust me on this, you will see the curtain lifted with abundant evidence.  We are not conspiracy theorists.  The media has conspired against you and us, to keep your eyes closed to what is really happening.  Most people at these protests are highly educated, doctors, scientists, and people that are able to see through the bullshit the media has spewing.
  4. Veto any business, media station, or product or service that proves to be part of the Agenda.  None of them deserve a penny from us.  They deserve jail and nothing less.



Police, we are calling on you to stand up for your citizens of the world.  If the government leverages the media to scare people indoors on a lockdown, knock on doors, and free people.  Tell them the truth.  Tell them to be free.  Tell business owners, that you will side with them.  Tell the people, about this scam.  Stand for us and we win.  AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, DO NOT TAKE A VACCINE.  They will release a virus the next time to target  you, and remove you as our last line of defence.  You are free to choose what goes in your body, as we are.  We will stand together and defeat them.

The second wave, the realistic look.

The more cases they test, the more they prove how harmless this is.  Because, if they test at 10 times the amount they were in the first wave, and the deaths are a fraction of what they were, are you not able to see that the threat of this virus is diminishing.  Doctors, and Scientists all over the world, are saying this is no deadlier than the flu, and some are saying less deadlier.  Like all pandemics, it attacks the most vulnerable first.  Seniors, and immune compromised, have always been the only ones in harms way.  By protecting them, and letting the rest of us catch this, like Sweden did, herd immunity kicks in, and this is a thing of the past.  Until next year, when they release their next virus.  But high level officials are already aware this is going to happen, and will quickly have antidotes and cures ready, but don’t go to the media channels to find them.  Go to the sites that are fighting this.  I will find them and post them here.  But there are many other sites that will too.  Just do your homework.  Stop trusting Google, Facebook, or Twitter, News of any kind on tv, and trust the people that are creating the alternate media sources that are telling the truth.

I will be pulling myself off of Facebook if they don’t change their ways, and join the good side of the fight.

Join me on Parler, the uncensored social media site.

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