All the links on this page, are 100% fact checked.

Back in March, when the pandemic hit Canada, I was at a get together with some friends.  I said this would all just blow over, because the media always hypes these things up, and they end up just becoming part of the seasonal flu.

As the death numbers climbed, I changed my view.  I self quarantined for the first month.  I did all the recommended things they wanted you to do.  I wanted to be a team player and keep Canada safe, and after all it was easy for me to stay home, since I have been working from home for the past 20 years almost.

But then….

They shut down the entire economy.  Something did not sit right.  Not only did they do that here, they shut down the whole world.  Something was not right.  I thought the numbers did not justify the actions.  Soon after that the curve broke,  I thought things would return to normal.  No.   They should have, but they didn’t, raising more suspicion.  It was around April 15th when I found this video on Facebook.  Before you watch this video, I want you to understand, that I did not believe it.  I actually dismissed it.  It was taken down.  It kept on resurfacing.  Knowing how to screen record, I made a copy, thinking just in case, this shit g0es really bad, and the things this guy is saying start to become true, it would be a good idea to have a copy of this.

WELL.  JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING HE SAID IN THIS VIDEO HAS COME TRUE!!!!  SO TAKE NOTE THIS IS A WARNING!!  WE ARE IN WORLD WAR 3 RIGHT NOW!!!  President Trump knows it, and so do many other “woke” people in the world, having protests everywhere, that don’t even make the news.   More on that later.

Watch this video, and take heed.  This is 100% real and the case I am going to make for it being real is very strong  BEFORE A VACCINE IS RELEASED.  Billions of lives depend on it!!

I made 500 copies of this on April 15th, and have recently distributed to Police, MLA’s, Military personnel, and hundreds of people at demonstrations that are taking place in Vancouver.  This weekend, there is a massive 2 day demonstration in Vancouver, BC.

Download Here

(just click on the picture with the arrow pointing down)

I have made 500 copies of this video, and put them on thumb drives and distributed them to random officials, MLA’s, Politicians, Police forces, and much, much, more.  Even if this video gets taken down, there is no stopping it along with all the other evidence I compiled and forwarded to the authorities and people all over.

Now I want you to start putting two and two together.

There are 3 steps to awakening, and realizing what is going on.

  1.  Complete denial that anything this bad could ever be real, and refuting it.  (Currently, this is probably 85% of the population)
  2. Coming around as more evidence comes to light, and then being completely terrified, that not only this is real, but it is 100% true.
  3. Empowerment.  Finding other people that know, and realize that there is a major fight against this as we speak.

Now I want you to fast forward to 2:10 seconds.  He warns of the tests, and how fraudulent they are, and that many will test positive but will not have the virus.  They are PCR tests, and in 2018, Millions of these test kits were sent to Countries all over the world.  2018!!  A  link on the who website was discovered, and shared all over social media.  Within 24 hours, the terminology on the website changed to Medical Test Kits.

I also seen the link, before the terminology was changed, and then after.  Here is a link.

I seen this on the site, and I seen it changed days later.  I made a post on Facebook right at the time it happened.  So did many others.

Interesting to see that in the year 2020, they made NO EXPORTS OF MEDICAL TEST KITS AT ALL IN THE YEAR OF THE PANDEMIC!!

Watch this video.

If you do your research, you will find a lot of “fact checked” stuff right now.  The research on this, is that Bill Gates has been buying media companies for the past 5 years, and that many of these are fact checking businesses.  I will just tell you right now, all the evidence on PCR tests, shows they do not isolate and detect Sars Cov2.


Here is another video of this being addressed in Canadian Parliament, with a bullshit response from the liberal government. 

Here is another one by Rocco Galati that is currently suing the Ontario government for unjustifiable lockdowns, and has just received his retainer to sue the BC Government for the same thing.  While this was happening, Trudeau pushed through Bill 19 that says the government cannot be sued for the negative consequences of the shutdowns.


Here is a link to Trudeau’s bill

Its not stopping Rocco Galati who has won more legal battles against the feds than any other constitutional lawyer in Canada.  He is trying to fight to save your lives, your freedoms, and democracy in Canada.  His videos are shocking, because he has been in this fight for the past 20 years.  The government is slowly but surely changing us into North Korea.  If we don’t stop this, we will face death, enslavement, and tracking through vaccines, that will never let us be free again.

Bill Gates filed for a patent for surveillance of vaccines, and this is real, and a bit creepy, but the patent number has the numbers 666 in it.  Biblical Prophecy?  On purpose?  You decide.  Here is the patent.

If you dig, you will find thousands of doctors, scientists trying to tell you this, but a lot of fact checked stuff, as you will find for all ANTI COVID MESSAGES.  FREEDOM OF SPEECH IS DISAPPEARING AS THE ELITE BUY MORE AND MORE MEDIA, GOVERNMENTS, AND MORE.

Do you know that the top 6% of the wealthy people in the world, now own 59% of the world wealth.

The power they are demonstrating by buying governments, media companies, and diluting the truth with fact checked stuff on Nobel Award winning scientists is staggering.  Anything fact checked, you must not believe it.  Do your own research.  At the bottom of this, I will give you a massive amount of links from DOCTORS AND SCIENTISTS all over the world, that the media is censoring.  I believe that if the media knew that this was a depopulation agenda, they would flip, and start telling the truth regardless of their sponsors.  But they are being paid by Big Pharma companies, and they likely think this is just a giant vaccine agenda, which it is.  Have you ever heard of a high school dropout, advising the world that 7 Billion People will need to be vaccinated to get through this?  And everyone is eating it up.  Well, not everyone.  Probably you, but millions are waking up.  DO NOT TAKE ANY COVID 19 VACCINE, THE MESSAGE AND WARNING ABOVE IS CLEAR.

In Canada it is a violation of our charter of rights to force this upon us, but Trudeau is passing all sorts of illegal legislation through as he shut down parliament, as he is being investigate on different counts of bribery.  I assure you, Bill Gates was one of these people.

Understand your rights!

You have the right to refuse being tested.

You have the right to refuse the vaccine.

You have the right to protect your liberties, freedoms.

You have the right NOT TO WEAR A MASK.

Masks do not work.  They are a tool used to make you submissive and blindly obedient.  It is a measure being imposed to test the percentage of obedient Canadians.  I get anxiety and frustration when I see people walking around on the street with no one hundreds of meters around them wearing a mask. Same as people driving in a car.  The fear proganda machine they have unleashed on us, is nothing short of criminal..

Rocco Galati has also filed a lawsuit against CBC for just these reasons.

The world has become a playground for the Elite, and those afraid of Covid 19, are victims of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

This is where your caregiver (in this case your government), makes you think you are sick, and puts you through hell keeping this illusion up.  People walking around wearing masks that are healthy thinking that the person next to them is sick, or they might be sick, is a massive crime against humanity and is coming to light.

Take your masks off.  No store can legally refuse you.  Most people are thinking that the store policy can, but it is in violation of your charter, and we are making flyers up to give to store owners that impose these restrictions.  We will SUE ALL STORES THAT MANDATE MASKS, AND WE WILL SUE THE GOVERNMENT IF THEY GO THAT FAR.  And they are.  In Ontario, a Rocco Gallati law suit just made them roll that back.  We are fighting, but we need you to fight back.

I personally have stopped shopping at elitist stores like Walmart, and Superstore.  Even though I never wore a mask when I walked in there.  Funny thing when I did, no one stopped me.  This is a blind obedience test.  NO ONE CAN MAKE YOU WEAR MASK.  All the stores telling you have too, can be sued and they know it so they cannot enforce this unlawful request.

Now lets talk ab0ut the numbers of Covid 19.

Here is a true graph of what is happening.

The pandemic has been over since beginning of June.  Here is a very detailed video proving this, not just here, but in most parts of the world.  This virus is compared against all the other viruses in the past 100 years, and the results are astonishing.  They are also not on the general media.  Folks its time to shut off the TVS, they are being used to keep you in fear.  Play cards with friends, read, get educated, or study on how we are being manipulated.  It will save your life.

This is a major wakeup, and none of the media on tv is showing you this stuff.

We are in Casedemic, because they have ramped up the testing 10 times what they did in March, AND, FROM PREVIOUS info, we know these tests, test RNA and will detect fragments that shows positive, but is untrue.  They are also using contact tracing as an excuse to find and test more people.

Here is the Rocco Galati video of the truth on the testing practices of PCR testing.

Now do you think that first video is false?

Do you not think you should put some more time in WAKING UP!


We need to squash this crime.

There is a petition to investigate Bill Gates for crimes against humanity signed by now 658,000+ people submitted to the President of the United States.

With the evidence on this page, are you willing to stand up for your rights?

Wait, I am not done.  I have 6 months of research, and this is the tip of the iceberg.

On August 29th, there was a rally of over 1 million people in Berlin.  If this disease was so contagious AND deadly, we would have seen a MASSIVE surge of deaths in Berlin.  We didn’t.

Here is the video of the protests in Berlin and London.

August 29, 2020

Download Here

Click on the box with the arrow on it on the top right hand side if you are on a web browser to download.

Millions of people without masks, within spitting distance of one another, and what happened?  Bodies should be dropping!

Nope.  This is what happened

If you are not convinced yet, I am sorry.  There is no cure for stupid.  Naiveness, can be cured by researching.  Not from CBC, CNN, or any other major media outlets.   Combined wealth of  Trillions of dollars between the top 6% of the wealthy, can buy a lot of media.   But they can’t shutdown the truth.  No matter how hard they try.  We are the citizens of this world.  We have the power.  They want to take it away.

Do you want to give it to them anymore?

I could spend 5 days writing this post, so instead, I am going to post links now to Doctors, Scientists, from all over the world, speaking out about what is really happening.


Here is a list of scientific, and other evidence showing you that we are all being manipulated by corrupt governments with an agenda to take down democracy, enslave us, and kill off a large population in the world, over years of planning.

They will sterilize our children.

They will give you vaccinations that will predispose you to illness down the road when they release the next virus.

Go back to the first video on this page.  PEOPLE WE ARE FIGHTING FOR YOU LIFE!!!  WAKE UP!

There are cures for Covid, and the media is lying about it.

You think they are going to release a virus that they don’t already have a cure for?  Of course not.  They might get it.  The cures are suppressed.  Thousands of doctors around the world have been treating Covid with many different drugs that are not vaccines, that work!!!  Check out the resources below.

And with all this knowledge worldwide.  What does our leader do?  He puts out a bid proposal for Quarantine centers across the country that will unlawfully detain 1600 people in 8 of these centres across the country?  ARE YOU AWAKE YET?

Here is Trudeau’s bid request to “Quarantine Camps” AKA “Concentration camps”

Here is the response in parliament to a Lone MLA trying to fight the corruption in the Parliament proceedings.



1: Professor Didier Raoult cures over a thousand covid patients

2: Dr Zelenko cured more than 900 coronapatients

3: One of the studies that confirm the effectivity of HCQ

4: Dr Meryl Nass exposes WHO and other fraudulent studies

5: HCQ study by The Lancet turns out to be total fraud

5B: America’s Frontline Doctors gets censored massively

6: Dr Rob Elens forced to stop curing people from covid19 (Dutch video)

7: 1,700 medical doctors and professionals write to the Dutch government

7A: Dr. Knutt Wittkowski reveals how lockdowns didn’t stop covid spread at all

7B: Dr. Brownstein cures 120 covid patients (Highwire video)

7C: Dr. Brownstein was censored, medical blog deleted

7D: Emergency care specialists cure covid patients

7E: Dr Richard Bartlett heals over 500 corona patients with Budesonide

7F: Midland Memorial Hospital says Budesonide cannot work

8: Nurse Erin Olszweski reports false covid registrations and murder

8B: Nurse New York reports murders in hospital

9: Facebook page with testimonials of fraud with covid figures

10: Lena Kayes testimony about false covid registrations

11: Funeral Directors reveal false covid deaths

12: Dr. Scott Jensen reveals that hospitals are heavily paid for covid registrations

12B: Fake Covid hospital Brazil

12C: Another empty Covid hospital in São Paulo

12D: President Brazil says corona is a media trick.

12E: Covid numbers double counted in England

13: Coroner declares: ‘There is no killer virus’

14: Italian politician confronts government with covid19 fraud

15: Belgian publication De Tijd: only 3% of covid deaths were tested

16: President Tanzania exposes fraud with covd figures

17: Californian doctors examine 6,000 patients and expose media deception

18:Association of German doctors declare that corona is global crime

19: 1500 German doctors speak out against the covid scam

20: 120 specialists reject media hype around covid19

20B: Stanford University reveals low mortality rate covid-19

20C: Oxford University confirms low mortality rates

20D: No spread through people without symptoms

20E: WHO says no covid19 contamination through people without symptoms

20F: No contamination in shops and restaurants

20G:British Columbia: No contamination in open air

20H: WHO: mouth masks are not required

20I: Mouth masks do not filter viruses

20J: Canadian expert: mouth masks do not work

20K: Oral masks increase risk of infection

20L: Infection only by minutes of close-up contact

20M:One and a half meters distance is nonsense

21: Dozens of videos of brutal police violence against innocent civilians

22:Young man beaten to death by police

23: Police break into family homes and assault innocent man

24: President Brazil calls on government to resist illegal dictatorship

25: Letter from 1741 medical professionals to Dutch government

25B: 600 doctors call lockdown ‘serious accident with massive casualties

26: German journalist Udo Ulfkotte confesses to bribery of the media

27A: World No. 1 virologist calls covid19 a media epidemic

27B: Mortality rate is only 0.4% for covid patients with symptoms

28: Former British Supreme Court Judge sees manufactured hysteria

29: Bill Gates calls vaccine industry best investment ever

30: Bill Gates is the biggest sponsor of W.H.O.

31: Bill Gates bribed W.H.O. so they declared a global pandemic

32: Bill Gates wants a digital vaccine ID to force people to be vaccinated

33:Bill Gates patented technology to trace human body

34: Program to link digital ID to vaccines

34B: Global monitoring network

35: Project to film the whole earth day and night via 24 satellites

36: Bill Gates says 700,000 people will suffer permanent side effects

37: Article by Robert F Kennedy about horrific damage caused by Bill Gates

38: W.H.O. vaccine specialists recognize life-size dangers of vaccines

39: Bill Gates wants to reduce world population by 15%

40: Petition of 570,000 to the White House against Bill Gates for crimes against humanity

41:Facebook page announces deaths due to vaccination in Philippines

42: Interrogation: Facebook hides information about vaccine damage

43: Three major Twitter accounts of Truth About Vaccines deleted

44: CDC destroys evidence that vaccines cause autism

45: Dr Meryl Nass: vaccines cause autoimmune diseases

46: Dr Thomas Cowan: vaccines cause explosion of diseases in children

47: Dr Richard Moskowitz: vaccines cause death and permanent injury

48: Dr Stanley Plotkin: vaccines contain animal tissue and aborted baby

48B: Vaxxed documentary on vaccine damage

49: Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte knows nothing about vaccine damage

50:RIVM deceives population with misinformation about vaccine damage

51: Interview with RIVM employee

52: RIVM mentions that they are financed by Bill Gates

52B: Sara Cunial in the Italian Chamber of Deputies

52C: Interview between heads of government on contact tracing

53:Italian politician confronts bribery Italian Government

54: Bill Clinton and Andrew Cuomo discuss large-scale control network

55: Document Rockefeller Foundation outlines plan for total control

56: US population tracking bill

57: Google whistleblower reveals global manipulation by Google

58: Dr Robert Epstein: Google manipulates millions of votes during elections

58B: Facebook whistleblower Zach McElroy

59:Warning Archbishop and Cardinals about world dictatorship

60: Bill Gates is a member of the Bilderberger group

61: Bilderberger group bypasses democracy and manipulates governments

62: Hundreds of doctors warn of public health damage caused by 5G

63: Interview with Nigel Farage warning of dictatorship

64: Simulation of global pandemic starting in China

65: Bill and Melinda Gates announcing a global pandemic with a flu virus

66: Fauci announces there would be a ‘surprise outbreak’ during the first term of president Trump

67: Journalist Harry Vox predicted the 2020 global pandemic in 2014

68: Journalist Anthony Patch predicted the 2020 global pandemic in 2014

69: Bill Gates interview with CBS, saying ‘multiple doses of the vaccine will be needed’

70: Coronavirus is RNA virus, which are known for constantly mutating

71: Source for the graph showing the covid19 mutations

72: Virologist and lugn specialist Dr. David Prins expresses his concerns about the vaccine push

73: 50% of all trial participants got immediate adverse reactions to covid vaccine

74: The movie ‘Contagion’ predicts in detail the current coronavirus pandemic

75: Download the book “Committee of 300′ by CIA officer John Coleman

76: The Georgia Guidestones say humanity must not exceed five hundred million people

77: Download the ‘Scenario for the Future’ by the Rockefeller Foundation

78: Dr. Stella Immanuel saw 350 Covid-19 patients get better

79: NIH study reports that hydroxychloroquone prevents spread of the coronavirus

What can we do?

  1. Immediately refuse to wear a mask ANYWHERE ANYTIME.  If a store wants you to, too bad.  It is a violation of your charter of rights.  Tell them that, and walk right in.  Better yet.  Veto Walmart, Superstore and any other big box outlet that requires this.  Hit them where it hurts.  Their bottom line.  If you must go.  Don’t wear a mask.  They have no right, and it is in violation of the charter.  You will find that you can walk into any of these stores, and no one will enforce the mask rule, because they can’t.  They can be sued.  If they do, let them know that, speak to a manager.  Be a Karen.  Be a Kyle.  Fuck anyone that opposes our freedoms.  You are not being an asshole.  You now understand that this fight was people being ignorant not wearing a mask.  It is a fight for our civil liberties.  It is a fight for our lives.  Don’t underestimate the power of this simple action.  It sends a message, that we will not be controlled anymore.
  2. If you are in Vancouver, on October 18, 19th.  Attend the rally at the Art Gallery.  This is the biggest organized rally in Vancouver since the beginning.  There is world renowned Doctors, Scientists, Political activists, Social Media influencers, all there to show you what I have shown you here, but on a grand scale.  In Montreal 4 weeks ago, there were 100k at there protest.   The police have let us know already that they will arrest no one, because they stand with us, and the charter of rights.  THE POLICE ARE ON OUR SIDE HERE.  Soon the military will be, and Trudeau will get arrested and charged for crimes against humanity.

3.  ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO BE TESTED FOR COVID 19.  You have the right to refuse, without detainment.  It is in our charter of rights.  When you get tested, and it comes back positive, as it might with these bullshit testing policies, they will contact trace and find reasons to test everyone you have been in contact with.  That is how they are testing so many now.  Contact tracing.  This is also a violation of peoples rights.  Know your rights.  You don’t have to tell anyone who you have been around with.  They are only getting this information because people think they are helping.  They are not, they are perpetuating the crimes against us.  Do not get tested.  Do not consent to contact tracing.  Refuse going to anyplace that required contact information.  Or give them bogus contact info.  If they still persist, cancel your reservation.  What is more important?  Your life?  Your freedoms?  Or your dinner?  Fuck that shit.

There will be many more action plans put here, after the rally, as I gather tools that we can use to start handing out to businesses putting them on notice that we will veto their business, or sue them if they keep on violating the charter of rights.  The goal here is not to hurt small business, but to give them the power to not listen to laws that are unlawful.  The government is overstepping when they make employees of businesses wear masks, and collect contact tracing info.  It’s time we let these businesses know.  We have the best constitutional lawyer in Canada that will fight for us, and right now he has received his retainer to start suing here in BC.  But we need more help

Donate whatever you can to Tanya Gawe’s organization so we can raise the full amount needed to kick Trudeau’s ass.  Currently we are at about 22% of the goal.

You can donate here.

This is a historical moment, where the elite are trying to enslave us.  This is 100% real.  This is not a science fiction movie.  This is World War 3, a Cold War, that barely anyone knows they are fighting.  Now you do.  Wake up, and join the fight.

And last but not least, share this page.  Share it far and wide.  I am sticking my neck out, because I would rather die, than be enslaved, poked with a vaccination that I never wanted to become tracked, enslaved, and killed.  I have not had any vaccinations in 40 years, and I rarely get sick.  When I do, my body recovers.  Vitamins, nutrition, and exercise are always the best antidote to viruses, bacteria, and illness.  The elites own big Pharma, and they are using it to control you, make you sick, dependent, and enslaved.


We are not a point anymore, where we can sit idly by and worry about what our friends will think by sharing this.  You are either part of the problem, or part of the solution.  Whats it going to be?

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