I am going to stop posting about Covid 19 altogether.   There is just too much at stake.    People are getting arrested in parts of the world for Facebook posts.  Every nation in the world has leaders that dismissed small businesses and conspired, or not, and ruined hundreds of thousands of businesses in each Country.  The 5 wealthiest people in the world amassed their greatest leaps forward with their wealth.

Mental illness is plaguing each and every country in the world far beyond the scope of what is being reported.  You have riots on the streets of countries all over the world, and this will only get worse.  You have white and black people knocking down monuments, and breaking in and looting stores all in the name of standing up for blacks that have been victimized in some cases, while neglecting it happens to whites too.  You have been sold a lie on why you should wear a mask, while doctors that are dead set against it messages are censored and taken down.

You are not hearing about the suicides that are way up.

You are not hearing about the increased homelessness.

All the giant social media sites have taken to censorship and control over what is posted and what is not.

All media on both sides of this argument are no longer journalism, but propaganda to push one or the others agendas.

You have people calling people sheep for being scared of a deadly virus.

You have people calling people Covidiots for standing up for the rights that we are losing more and more each day.

You can no longer leave your Country.  You have been jailed.

Vaccinations to 7 Billion people is the main agenda on the plate right now.  Trump announced in a press conference that they might have one ready BEFORE this election.  Likely a last ditch attempt to play hero to the country to win the election, which he is likely to win already by the biggest landslide in history.  Everyone ignoring the fact that before now, 3-5 years was a minimum time frame to get a vaccination FDA approved.  Trump good or bad?  I have no fucking idea now.  I think he is good for the economy.  I think he is a shrewd business man and a tough negotiator that has put WHO in their place, and the CDC.  But everything is not what it seems.  I am sure of that.

Australia has ordered 80 million vaccination shots for its citizens of 27 million.

People I am going to show you a video.  The video that started me down this rabbit hole.  Perhaps the same video that has every citizen that has seen it questioning reality.  Questioning everything.  But just before you watch it I want you to understand something about me.

I am not a conspiracy theorist, although I have always been aware that corruption exists beyond our simple understanding of what appears to be going on.  I am not gullible.

I am not a stupid person, and in fact, up until a few months ago, I thought I was a genius, because I thought genius started at 135 IQ, and my iq was tested at 137.  I recently learned this is not the case, so I am not a genius.  🙁  However, I didn’t tell you that to brag. I told you that so you can understand how a person that is living a fairly ordinary life with somewhat of an intelligence can end up screaming at the top of his lungs BEWARE, THEY ARE COMING!

 It is up to you now to decide if they are or not.  You can ignore the evidence.  You can read stuff with no explanation like the changing of terminology on a website that tracks international shipments from WHO that listed millions of Covid 19 test kits being sent to countries all over the world in 2018.

Then watching them change the terminology to Medical test kits after they realized how much traffic and exposure they were getting to a buried page in a site that normally only medical people would every look at.  Maybe you can ignore the video I am going to show you here.  I know the first time I seen it, I was very dismissive.  I thought there is no way this could be true.  It is actually about the only video I have shown that is completely subjective without factual evidence.  The only thing I know, is HE IS A REAL DOCTOR.  I google this info when I first came across it, unfortunately, I did not save his name, but he is retired, and he was a Gynecologist which is a doctor with all the same credentials of any other doctor with the specialization.

You can ignore that they have said it is a very quiet flu season for deaths, while in the CDC stats, there are 70,000 coexisting conditions of influenza and pneumonia that we all know kill people too.  But here is my truth.  I dismissed this video as, it can’t be true.  But guess what? It scared me enough to dig.  It scared me enough to seek the truth with my 17 year son about to go back to school. It scared me enough when what he said in the video about how they are targeting the kids, and when I researched it, this is what happened in Australia, the country that has just ordered 80 million vaccination shots for its citizens.

So if you have kids going back to school, would you just dismiss the video without maybe digging deeper?

Would you just accept this as complete bullshit, and send your kid off to a school and have him screened for Covid, when he or she was perfectly healthy?  Would you?  Well if you do, then you are just as guilty of the confirmation bias that you accuse us Covidiots of.  You don’t investigate, because you have already made up your mind that the world is full of good people that are running the show that would never do this.

What about the 5G towers?  Do you know the dangers of them?  ‘

Did you know that there WERE 2000 independent studies on them by real remarkably esteemed scientists that said, that they were dangerous, and that implementation of these towers should not be done until more tests were done?

Did you know that they went ahead with implementation on the basis of less than a handful of scientists that said they were ok?

Did you know that the frequency of these towers are so high, that it is quite possible in the future, that they can bring a population surrounded in these towers to their knees, with a flick of a switch? (Ok, I admit it, that one is my own statement just based on the fact of these towers are emitting 100 times the radio waves of its predecessor). Please don’t ignore the fact that 2000 independent scientific reports were buried on this, and it got through on a handful of scientists that said it was ok.

Did you know that Robert F Kennedy, nephew of the assassinated JFK has sued Facebook for its recently adapted fact checking service they added to the site, that does not really fact check anything.  It simply is a person throwing a flag on a post, and having it taken down with no fact checking down on either side.

Did you know that he also is doing everything in his power to stop the 5G towers from going up?  Did you know that thousands of doctors, and other high level politicians and government people are also fighting these things?

Probably not, because each day you google to find out, more and more information is suppressed.  3 months ago when I googled Bill gates and what happened in India to 600,000 teenage girls there with his vaccines, you could find abundant information, on not only that, but the Court documents, and case numbers?

Now you will find pages of fact checked stuff that is not making it through.   If the above video is true, it certainly looks like they are doing a great job of implementing the plan.  If it is not, doesn’t all these other things make you wonder?  Do you really think this movement, of “woke” people are doing this for the fun of it?

I am sure not.  I for one hate it.  I hate being called a covidiot, as much as you hate being called a sheep.  The fact is, we may all just be victims of World War 3.  The war that was won, without shooting off a single bullet.  A war where the world comes under 1 power.  A fascist power that arrests people that speak against it.  A fascist power that wants its people to be obedient and to follow their ever more and more restricting set of laws.  You can’t see this already happening?  You think its just a mask?  You think people are fighting the mask, because they don’t like wearing it?  Check your history on masks.  They have been used historically to remove the identities of people and to dehumanize them.  Look at the Middle East where women have to cover their face in the name of submission.

Is anything I am saying going to make a difference in how you think?

At this point, I don’t care.  I tried.  I think we have already lost.  If the agenda in that above video is true.  People, we have already lost.  While we are busy protesting about the rights of black people, or Democrat or Republican, thousands of 5g towers have been put up.  Laws are changing.

Did you know that the CDC passed a law in our Country, that says you cannot evict anyone for the balance of this year?

Honestly, this sounds great.  Fairness to people in a poverty situation that could be at risk for loss of jobs, or business, should be protected.  However, are you not questioning the CDC’s right to pass this law?  Last time I checked, CDC was not government that could pass laws on tenancy issues.

Are you ready for a new world government?   Introducing the CDC and the WHO.  2 independent agencies that are in the pockets of the wealthy.  Don’t believe me?  I would ask you to look it up, but this information will be harder to find, with each passing day, while you argue on Facebook about George Floyd, a man that was on meth, and opiates, that resisted arrest and got killed possibly by the kneehold, or by overdose, which the coroner has recently argued is the case of his death.

And you are so riled up about this, you will take to the streets about a career criminal that robbed a woman by gunpoint in a home invasion, but you won’t question anything regarding your own public safety when it comes to Covid 19?

You will just eat up the media, and listen to a health minister in Canada that said not to kiss your partner while having sex to reduce the chance of transmission?

Holy fuck people, this is right out of a science fiction movie.  You can’t make this shit up. But I tell you what.  I give up.  Your life is your life.  I wasn’t trying to impose my opinion on you because this is fun for me.  I was trying to save our very way of life.  I was trying to save you from rushing to an untested vaccine, that may end up killing you. I felt it my responsibility.  But now I am gong to go quiet, while my reach was low.  While I am not on the radar as an enemy of the state.   While I can still be free to speak, for the little time left on that, before they start arresting people here.

But you won’t see any of that, if it happens, just like they don’t in Australia.  Much of the media of what is happening over there is suppressed as much as it is here, but they haven’t even really started here yet.  The media here will be more and more controlled.  I have witnessed it in Google search results over the past month when you google anything to do with Plandemic side of this argument.

Here is a journalist arrested in Australia that was not doing anything wrong but trying to report the truth that was reported to us completely differently!

Get ready for people to get arrested here in Canada for speaking their opinion that does not match the CDC.  Not the government, but the CDC.  The CDC has somehow managed to work themselves into a governing type of position over ALL COUNTRIES.  Even a free country like Canada.  A free country just like Australia used to be.

Since when did Google not have every fact, and opinion on both sides of any argument?  Being a person that has worked with Google for the past 15 years, I can say never.  Until now.  Until the money from the top started fact checking everything, which is not really being fact checked.  I would say google it, but sorry, your rights to do that are disappearing.  You will see what they want you to see.  Everything else will soon be suppressed.  And when and if it does happen, because the people that are fighting this so hard have been quieted, get ready for the calm before the biggest storm of all.

When all of the countries in the world become militarized zones where people lose all their rights to free speech.  This is a very tragic time in the history of the world.  We may not ever recover from this.

So here is what I am going to do.

I am going to go dark on this matter.

It is not because I don’t now 100% believe, that even if that video above is an interpretation of a plan, and maybe the idea is not to exterminate us, it certainly is to control us.  All in the name of Agenda 21, a summit meeting that happened 20 years ago.

Yes, people, it is my contention, and Robert F Kennedy and other high up politicians and doctors that are all being quieted, or at least attempted to, by controlling the media, that there is an agenda.  There is no doubt in my mind Covid 19 was planned, and executed.  There might be some doubt in the extermination plan, but really is that much more of a stretch than any of the other claims of control when looking  at all the facts. I would hope not, because the rich need people to make them richer.

Back to my plan.  All this has made me sick to my stomach.  I never played the game of media before.  At first this time, I was like the “sheep” (saying in a tone that means you are not sheep, you are victims, like us Covidiots) and I was scared of this virus.  I am still not disputing that this virus is not dangerous.  I am disputing the validity of how dangerous exactly is it, and if a worldwide reform was necessary for a virus that just doesn’t statistically add up to the actions taken. Unless there is an agenda.  Then it makes complete sense.

So I am going to do this:

SHUT OFF ALL NEWS.  I will watch my fluffy tv shows that I like that have nothing to do with Covid 19.  I am considering leaving Facebook permanently.  This would be the easiest decision of my life, if it was not for the advertising platform I have for my online businesses.  They will be happy to take my money to advertise my business, as long as I don’t post my opinions on Covid 19.  I don’t have to be a doctor to have an opinion, and up until now, we were free to speak opinions.  This is what Germany was like just before Hitler took complete control over its citizens and used media to get them to buy into their agenda of world domination.  Fortunately, we won that time.

I will not wear a mask. Not now, not ever.  It is completely unreasonable to ask anyone to wear a mask that is not exhibiting signs of Covid 19.  It is ridiculous, and you can have your confirmation bias, and think that you are helping. You are not.  We beat the curve when hardly anyone was wearing a mask.  Now more and more people are wearing a mask ,and the numbers are going up.  Thats because wearing a mask you are breathing in carbon dioxide.  You are putting your body in a stressed state making you more likely to get Covid by your weakened immune system.  This is so they can say see?  We need to vaccinate everyone.  It is the only way.

Masks do not work!  Recent Study, less than 60 days old straight from the CDC and the WHO

New CDC & WHO Study: Face Masks Don’t Prevent Virus – powered by ise.media

I will not be vaccinated!  No fucking way.  The video above, and all the information that I have spend hundreds of hours in seeking the truth says this is bad.  Even if the above video is bullshit.  The only way a vaccine could be ready in this time frame is if EITHER IT WAS RUSHED through the FDA because of the supposed imminent threat leaving us with a potentially dangerous vaccination that could “accidentally” or “purposefully” injure billions of people.  Or it was ready already because this was a planned event.  Revealed in the Movie Plandemic, and by people like Robert F Kennedy and thousands of doctors that do not support the actions of the government that have all been quieted just like the 2000 scientist reports that said 5G needed more research before implementing.

I am going to exercise and get in the best shape of my life.

I am going to eat better, and boost my immune system up.  This is how we used to fight disease.  Not shutting down global economies, and imposing ridiculous laws, and handing over the law making decisions to the CDC and WHO.

What. can you do?  Whatever you like.  Take the vaccine.  Swallow the purple pill.  Be obedient and don’t challenge authority, and have your rights slowly stripped away until  you live in a Country like North Korea.  Or, do your own research.  Do your own fact checking.  It will be harder now, but I was still able to do it, but in doing it, I noticed a total landscape change in the google search results.  Try different search engines.  Try something.  Or don’t.

There are no sheep.

There are no Covidiots.

Just everyday ordinary people with families, kids, and loved ones, that are being victimized by a virus that was either intentionally released, or not.

I would like to offer a recommendation for Presidency, but I retract my thoughts on this, once Trump said, they will have a vaccine ready likely before the election.  I think United States is likely about to fall, just like the Roman Empire, and that was the intention of the United Nations, when Trump came to office and pulled out of NAFTA, WHO, and renogiated trade deals with China.  I think China launched this virus to take over the world.  They were already doing it quite well, but this was the straw that broke the empires back.  If the US goes down, there is nothing left to protect us.  We are a nothing in terms of a military threat to anyone.  And Trudeau is fucking idiot that is in bed with Bill Gates vaccination plans.  Again I would say google it, but my point here is redundant.

Fight or flight people.  Just like the immune response you put your body in, every time you wear a mask for extended periods of time.  Even doctors pull down their masks every time they step away from a patient.  Now people are driving in their cars alone, or walking down the streets completely alone with no one around wearing a mask.  These are the people that will get Covid.  The more people wear masks, the greater the numbers will go up, and then my friends, people will be jumping to get the vaccines.  Good luck with that.  I wish you health.  I wish you a long and wonderful life.  I hope that all us Covidiots are wrong.  I really do. I have no problem being wrong on this one.  It would be awesome.  But unfortunately, I don’t think that is the case.

If we meet, I really don’t want to discuss this anymore.

I have laid out my plan.  You are free to live or die the way you choose.  Choose wisely.

Peace my friends.  We are all equal. Colour, religion, ideals, beliefs aside.  I believe in the human race, and I believe in you, and don’t judge you for your lack of beliefs on the information I have tried to show you over the past month.  You are not a sheep.  You are a dear person that loves your people as much as I do and we are all trying to protect our loved ones the best we can given the fucked up information we are all receiving.

Bless you all.

For those wanting to investigate further, I hand you over to what I consider the best fighter right now against this agenda.  His journalism is top notch.  He interviews real doctors, scientists, and politicians that know more than us.  He moved over to this site off of Facebook, and YouTube, although for the time being you can still see him on those platforms.  He did it knowing the impending censorship that is most certainly coming his way at least on the social media networks.  Follow his posts.  They are real.  They are factual with source documents.  They are based on the science that people on both sides say we need to follow.


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