With every dark shadow comes an opportunity.

I learned to think like this when I was 18 after reading a few books on positive mindset.

So, all you half empty cup people probably won’t like what I have to say here.  I mean after all, what possible good could come from this tragic pandemic?

Well, let me tell you.

Clear Venice Canal Water for the first time in decades.

When Europe shut down to the extreme, and there were literally no cars on the road, and everyone was tucked away in their homes, we PROVED that we can reduce our carbon footprint a lot more than scientists believe.  This was only a week, and the waters in Venice cleared up.  In many places emissions from vehicles dropped by over 20%.

“It was quite surprising to see how much the CO2 dropped. But the biggest change was in the CO, the carbon monoxide,” said Róisín Commane, an assistant professor in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Columbia University in New York.

This very short time frame where humans were forced to leave less of a footprint massively made changes.  What would happen if we adopted the Covid -19 way of life without the death and mayhem?   What would happen if we mandated such changes, so that we completely phased out fossil fuels in the next 10 years?

What would happen if we stopped buying all things made of plastic?  I mean these issues have been around for a longtime, but when things like this pandemic occur, it forces us to rethink how we deal with this overpopulated world.  Some would say this is Mother Nature trying to restore balance to the planet.  Some might say this was an engineered bio attack against the US from China, and that they sacrificed a few of their own to bring down the new Roman Empire (United States).  Whatever conspiracy theory you want to hold hands with, one thing is proven true.  That if we all shut down our carbon footprint we could make a drastic difference in this polluted world in record time.  The planet does have amazing recovery abilities, as shown in the past 8 weeks.

So….. If I was a politician…….Vote DAVE CHEYNE 2023 (ah no thanks)

I would mandate all large companies with thousands of employees working in offices of all of our metro cities to shift their employees to work from home.   I would mandate a 5 year time frame to get ALL OF ITS EMPLOYEES to be working from home.  I have been preaching this for years.  Anything you can drive 45 minutes to an hour and half to get too, to sit behind a computer and work all day, just to turn around and drive home again, is ludicrous.  Anything you an do on a computer at work, you can do at home.  If you passed this as law in North America, States, and Canada, it would force these giant companies to do this.

What do you think would happen?

Well, some negative things might happen, but here is the good that needs to happen.

  1. We would take tens of millions of commuter cars off the road making the most significant greenhouse reduction occur of this century.
  2. We would free up hundreds of thousands of square feet in cities that need affordable housing, and these giant office buildings could be turned into micro affordable city living suites.
  3. All the people working from home saving the money on commuting, could invest in greener energy for their homes, like solar panels, hydronic heating systems, wind power, and much much more.
  4. All the money the companies save in massive urban office rental space, could be invested into funding green energy projects, as they repurpose their profits to things that HAVE TO HAPPEN and will make them money too.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  No pun intended, as our polar caps keep on melting…..

Now lets talk about the consequences….

Well, it is quite possible that the opening up of all this office space in urban cities would flood the market with available rentals, which could temporarily crash the real estate market.

So what?  It crashes on a cycle anyways, and it always comes back up.  There is no where for it go but up.  More people with less space on Earth will always be the driving point to real estate.  But right now, in North America we have a rising crisis with affordable living and the homeless population is growing at alarming rates.  Without some sort of catalyst to spark things, in one more generation United States specifically in the warmer regions will be even more flooded with homeless people, that would make today look like a picnic.  The real estate market HAS TO RESET so that kids today have a snowballs chance in hell to buy a house without going in on one with 3 of their friends.

I am sure that there would be some major hits to some economic giants holding all of the natural resources, but again so what?  Do we care that the owner of Esso can’t buy his 7th holiday home in Bermuda?  The world needs a wake up call, and we can all go back to the way things were before, which clearly wasn’t working, or we can all use this to change.

We are the driving force behind all things made for consumers.

Stop buying gas vehicles.  I know my diesel truck is the last one I will ever own.  When I am done with this truck, I am going electric.   I bet most people did not know that the new Tesla Truck is about the same price as any of the 3 big truck manufacturers in North America, starting at around 55,000 US for the base models.  A fully loaded F350 or GMC 3500, or Dodge Ram 3500, will cost the same or more.  The difference in fuel savings pay for the truck in 15 years.  No oil changes, lower maintenance, and 0 emissions.  Let’s all stop buying gas vehicles.

Are options are better than the first smart cars that looked like lawnmowers on wheels.

We dictate what is made for us to buy.  If we stop buying plastic, guess what, the companies will shift to something else.  And if that something else isn’t green, well they can go fuck themselves too.  For far too long, we as the people have been making the wrong decisions on a daily basis.  Consumerism drives the economy, but also kills the planet.  There is enough green energy ideas on this planet that we could reduce our carbon footprint in months, not years.  As long as it took to build it in our own homes.  Sure it is harder up here in Canada with winters to rely on green energy, but we could certainly make it work for several months out of each year, and find a way to bank surplus energy for the winters.

To sum this up….

Covid 19 is a horrible tragedy that stems from bad human policies with food in Wuhan, China.  China has since stopped the selling of live animal stock because of this.  This is just one little start, that seems like common sense to the scientists predicting these outbreaks based on they way we handle our food.  It’s not just China either.  It’s everywhere.  Remember the Avian bird flu?

We have to change people, and looking at Covid 19 as a giant learning opportunity is a better way to think, rather than thinking doom and gloom.

We will recover.  We can fix this.  We can implement greener energy, but it all starts with us.  Each one of us can take this as a wake up call to make changes in what we buy, and who we buy it from.

Who is with me?

(give me a hell ya, in the comments section, plus your two cents)

#whoiswithme, #climatechange, #letschangetheworld

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