There is a reason that people that do dangerous things do it.

It’s not because we have a death wish.

It’s not so that we can get injured and draw attention to ourselves, in fact, if we could do some of these things with no one around, it would make it even better, but we need people around, just incase, we get immobilized and need to be taken to the hospital.

In this cliff jump, there were 2 things that were very fun to me.

  1.  The climb to the top.  I have always enjoyed trekking through bush, and climbing, and doing things that other people are too afraid to do.  It makes me feel alive.
  2. The jump itself.

There is something very empowering when you feel the fear of doing something, and you push yourself past it.  It doesn’t mean you should, but it is the buzz that I am after.  The buzz of feeling absolutely terrified, and calculating your risk, and doing it and ending up being ok.  It strengthens your resolve not to be afraid.  Being afraid is something that we all have in different situations.  When you challenge that fear and do it anyways, aside from injury in the case here, the reward is amazing!  You learn that most of your fears are not real.  In the case of dangerous things like this, your fears are real, but what about a fear to speak in front of people?

Or your fear of heights when you are in a completely contained safe gondola, or walking across a clear floor a couple of hundred stories up?

These fears are irrational, and mind tricks played on you from fears that were developed many years ago.

I am not telling anyone to go jump off a cliff.   I have been doing this since I was a kid.  I partially know what I am doing.  I know my risks, and I calculate them, and sometimes I get hurt.  But the ability to overcome the fear of doing it is the best part, and the part that adrenaline junkies are after.  When I got impaled by the stick in this video, the adrenaline removed most of the pain.  It didn’t really hurt, except for my back on the impact of the lake.  That hurt more than being impaled by the stick.  And this was not even close to my highest jump.

For some people that might be enough to never jump again.

For me it is a learning session.

What did I do wrong?

What can I do the next time to prevent injury?

Well, it is apparent to me, the older I get, that I need to start working my core again.  My back would not have hurt if my core was stronger.  So instead of being defeated and saying I will never do this again, I will use it as motivation to work out, and get a strong core and back like I had when I was younger.  It can be done, and people in their 90’s are still doing incredible physical feats, so it is our brains that work against us, even more so than our aging bodies.

How are we going to appreciate the happiest of times in our lives without feeling the deepest of sorrows at other times?

How are we going to be brave, without first experiencing fear?

How are you going to overcome the problems in your life, without every having adversity to begin with?

We need polar opposites to everything in our life.  It gives us a frame of reference that completes our experiences.

I encourage you all to overcome your fears, but in a safe way.  You don’t have to jump off a cliff.  For some people watching back a video of themselves they cringe, and think of all the things they don’t like about they way they look in the video.  So for these people it might be to shoot more videos of yourself, and to realize that you are worthy of being noticed.  You are worthy in your life.  You are needed and valued by people, so these negative thoughts you have about yourself are fiction created by lies perpetrated against you by society when you were young.  And yet you carry them around still to this day.

Start living your life, like it might be the last day.

Love your tribe more today than you did yesterday.

Most importantly love yourself, and do what will make you the happiest the most.  Stop caring about what others think.  Its liberating.  Its powerful, and it will lead you to a happier place.

Thanks for popping by!  🙂

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