So earlier on in my internet career, Head office Google phoned me and invited me to speak at a conference of 5000 people on the subject of internet marketing.  It was in Vancouver, so I didn’t even have to travel.  And I said no.  Do you want to know why I said no?

I was already going through a tough time in my life with some family issues, some of which you might be aware of if you bought my autobiography, but if I am to be honest, it was more about fear.  Fear of speaking in front of 5,000 people.  It terrified me.  All these thoughts spinning around my head about “what if” this happens, or “what if” I freeze.  So many limiting beliefs that make you really need to examine where they are coming from.

For me, it was my acne I had when I was a kid.

It scarred me more than the acne ever did.  It created a life long battle with self worth.

Don’t get me wrong.  Some of my friends tell me I can be a little too over confident.

And I am.  Most certainly with things that have nothing to do with the way I look.  I have confidence in my internet marketing.  I have confidence in my pool game.  I have confidence with ability to take on any challenge and complete with sometimes a frightening level of competency.  I have confidence in my will and determination, and can honestly say I have met few people in my life that can match me in the areas of perseverance and determination.


I have fought the battle of self confidence about the way I look since the first zit landed on my chin in grade 5.

Fucking ridiculous right?

This year, I am on pace to gross 120,000 dollars.  From a business that has no staff.  From a business that I only “need” to work 5 hours a month to keep the machine going.  This is quite a remarkable feat from a person that has gone through what I have.  In 2010, it was 300,000 a year with a few businesses I had at the time.  So, I know for sure, that I am competent at internet marketing.

Yet I turned down a gig for one of the largest companies in the world speaking in front of 5000 potential clients for my Internet Marketing Firm at the time, because I was too “fucking scared”.  I don’t have any regrets about it though, and this isn’t a rant about missed opportunity.  Our lives are filled with opportunity and the trick is to always be looking for it, instead of seeing the half empty cup.  So I will create my own chances again.

But my ideas have shifted.

Worksafe approved attire for working behind computer.  Safety first!  . 🙂

I don’t want any business that pins me down to a schedule that I need to be accountable.  Fuck that.  Do you know when I wake up every morning?  When I am done.   That’s the whole reason I got into internet marketing in the first place.  So I could work when I wanted too, and not when I was told too.

For example this article.  I don’t have to write it, but I want too.

I want to but not to make money, instead, to strike a chord with other people that have been living their whole lives in fear.  Not to mention that these beliefs were never really true to begin with.  Our childhoods often carry stigma throughout our whole life squashing opportunities and relationships based on fear because of things that happened decades ago.

So lately you may have noticed I am posting a lot of videos.  This is by design.  Not some random act of tom foolery, which is what most of it is.  LOL.  It is by design so I can finally shake the monkey off my back and get over my fears.  It has been really easy behind the computer using a keyboard to generate all my income.  Too easy.  I have decent writing skills, and a real good idea about how to generate traffic to your offers, and closing them.

But what is it that all of us need….?

Every single human on the planet…..

Connection and/or Purpose

Amidst Covid, people are becoming divided from being cooped up too long.   You have the conspiracy theorists on one hand, and the “sheeple” on the other.  And each side is so adamant about it that they go to war with it all over social media.  Sometimes, we just need to adopt the attitude, not to give a fuck.  Everybody has different opinions and ideas, the only thing we can keep in check is our own values and how we treat others.  If I secretly think your a dipshit for wearing a mask, I don’t need to jump down your Facebook timeline to make sure you know this.  Likewise, if you are a mask wearer you don’t have to go on someone else’s page.  There is enough verbal diarrhea coming from the media, we don’t need to contribute.  Plenty enough to go around.

So when we don’t give a fuck about what other people think of us, we are liberated and free not to feel the need to defend our opinion and put us on attack to all those who oppose us!

We are all people with worth.

Until you have walked a mile in someone’s shoes, you have no idea of how their frame of reference translates into their lives.  Or you life.  Do you know why you should walk a mile in someone else’s shoes?  So that you have a mile head start on them when they come for you!

Stop being afraid to live life on your terms.

Do what you want.

Quit the job you hate.

Go broke on trying to do something that will make you happy.

Folks, I have had a lot of money pass through my hands at various times in my life, and none of those times really set me on fire.  The fire comes from doing something bigger than yourself.  Doing something that you know helps people.  It might be teaching a person how to do a jump shot in pool.  It might be teaching someone how to wire a home theatre system for you.

Fuck, I don’t know, but the point is, start living WITHOUT FEAR.

In the spirit of not giving a fuck, and releasing ALL FEAR from this day forward, I am going to post a video here of my singing in my car.  You know , like we all do.  But how many of us that don’t know how to sing, have the guts to post it of themselves.  Karaoke singers have figured this out.  That’s why they are hooked.  There is a feeling you get when you don’t give a shit about what others think. It is very empowering.   So don’t let the people around you, often your closest people around you, tell you not to do something you want to do.



Here is my favourite song, and me singing it like its the last time I will ever get the chance too.

Live life




PS>. I know I can’t sing worth a shit, so you don’t have to tell me.  I think that is the whole point of the post.  LOL.   #nofear #isuckatsinging #idontgiveafuck

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