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In my 15 years of internet marketing, I have used a multitude of web hosting platforms, and have learned a few things.   Speed and security are the two biggest factors for impacting your bottom line.  I have been hacked so many times in my early career, and for the novice not knowing what I was doing, it can be one of the most frustrating experiences you will ever have managing your own website.  Unless you are using MANAGED WORDPRESS HOSTING for your WordPress site, you know exactly what I am talking about.  You likely have been hacked, and have lost days, and even weeks worth of work progress.

In my business today, I have mastered the hosting process for WordPress sites.  All sites are hosted on my dedicated server with 99.9% uptime.  In addition to this, they are all scanned daily for malware, trojans, or hacks.  There are bots that search for weakly configured WordPress installation to hack, so that they can maliciously target your customers with spam, or redirect your pages to pages filled with affiliate links to make them money.  Some hacks are monetary, and some are just for their sick fun of destroying your site.  Our scanning software, not only finds any malicious malware, but backs up your site automatically in increments to the daily changes that occurred.  If you are hacked, our system will find it, remove it, and secure the site again.

The number 1 way sites get hacked is outdated plugins, or maliciously designed premium plugins, or themes.  Our hosting platform, auto updates all of your plugins, and themes, and creates reports on all the malicious ip addresses that attempt to hack your site.  Hosting is not supposed to be a nightmare for clients, but if you are not an expert with WordPress, and are using regular hosting, your day will come where you will have a nightmare on your hands.

Let me take this burden off of you.

Your site will operate with blazing speed, and have the most current WordPress anti-hacks put into place to protect your peace of mind and allow you to do what you do instead of trouble shooting problems that arise from cheap hosting.

Lightning Speed

Speed Matters.

Studies have shown that getting your important pages down to a loading time of 2 seconds or less will increase your conversion on your website substantially.  I have experienced this with my own sites, and increased my income by 40% in one week by getting my page loading time down from 4.6 seconds to 1.3 seconds.

Up Time Monitoring.

Downtime hurts your business.  We backup your site daily with incremental backups, and have a firewall to protect your sites from being hacked.  You will experience better than industry norms in downtime with our existing infrastructure.  We also get notified if any of our hosted sites go down, and then work to resolve this immediately.

Cpanel Hosting

We use the industry standard Cpanel hosting, and all of your hosting comes with a free SSL certificate.  This ensures that all your traffic is 256k encrypted, and allows you to be PCI Compliant for accepting credit cards on your site.  You will have cpanel login access to making your own adjustments to your hosting packages.

Bold Security

We have daily automated malware, trojan scanning that also looks for changes in files that might have not been made by you.   If anything malicious is ever added to your site by a hacker, our system will find it, and automatically remove the threat, and you will be notified to change your passwords.  We also keep all the WordPress  plugins, and themes up to date on our end, which is the leading cause of successfully hacking WordPress sites.

Managed WordPress Pricing Plans

We Have Pricing Plans To Suit Every Website Need



1 WordPress Install
100K Monthly Visitors
10GB Storage
Includes 24/7 Support




5 WordPress Install
250K Monthly Visitors
30GB Storage
Includes 24/7 Support




30 WordPress Install
500K Monthly Visitors
50GB Storage
Includes 24/7 Support

We provide excellent hosting services to customers across the globe.

Excellent Hosting

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Managed Pricing

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Every Site We Host Enjoys The Full Range Of Features

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