This is something you are going to here more and more in the near future.  It will accompany the term the storm is coming, or even the storm is here.

Because it is.   The storm is here.

I am sorry, and in fact, very sorry to have discovered that I have been living in the matrix for several years.  There was 0 indicator to me of what reality was in the world that we are in today.  If it was not for Covid 19, I would have probably stayed in the Matrix indefinitely.  Let me explain.  First off, thank for popping by and reading this.  I hope it opens your eyes, and you can slowly step out of the matrix into the reality of our world right now.

We are in a war right now.  A big one.  This war is against elite globalists that have been running things behind the scenes for over 100 years.   Generations of families that call all the shots.  The United States has not had a a real president since Regan.  Before that Kennedy.  In fact, once your eyes are open, it is easy to spot the real presidents from the planted ones.  Look at successful assassination attempts, or attempts.  Those are the presidents that stood for the people, and these elitists, needed them removed to push forward this agenda.   Even Donald Trump is a plant.  But he was a plant from the honest CIA agents that asked him to run to help drain the swamp.

And that is why are here.   Trump started the draining of the swamp.  They are fighting back.    When Trump was elected in 2016, I like most of you thought he was a schmuck.  I really did.  2 years later, I thought, you know what, he actually is doing a a pretty good job.  When he went to North Korea to make a peace deal with psycho Kim, the world was on pins and needles.  It appeared we were on the brink of war.  Nope.  Donald squashed it, and created peace.  He then went and signed 3 more peace treaties in the Middle East that no president has ever done.  He is the first President in over 30 years that did not go to war in his term.  Do you know why?  Because every war that the US has been in the past 30 years, was not about freedom.  It was about money.  Corrupt wars for power and money.  Thats it.

Bear with me, I will get to the storm part and the WWG1WGA in a moment.

Here is what else Donald Did.  He ripped up free trade agreements that were bad deals for the US.  He put sanctions on China because they were a national threat in many ways.  And from the results of just a few of the things he did, he brought 200,000 manufacturing jobs back from China to the US.  With this came 7,000,000 jobs for his citizens.  He brought the lowest unemployment rate to African Americans in the history of the US.  He brought the lowest unemployment rate to women in the history of the US.  He brought the lowest unemployment rate in the US in over 60 years.  He created the strongest economy the US had ever seen.  He became the first president to make the US completely energy self sufficient.  Never before had that happened.  The US does not need any other country for energy needs.   ON top of that, he lowered Carbon emissions to the lowest of EVERY SINGLE DEVELOPED COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

He moved the capital of Israel back to Jerusalem.  Something Obama promised but never did.

I could go on and on about what he did, but the funny thing is that you don’t know any of this.

Why?  Because of the first storm.

The Cabal (deep state) is a group of organized criminals that have been running the world since the turn of the 20th century.  These are the Rockefeller’s Institute, and families tied to them, including the English Throne.

When Donald Trump won, it launched a 4 year campaign against him to make sure he could not win again.   The cabal, owns the media, big tech, Facebook, Twitter, and Google.  They didn’t originally, but they bought there way in, like they have where they needed to for the past 100 years.  We are talking about the world bank.  The world economic forum, and this vision of the great reset.  Trump is a threat to there very existence, and in 2018 he put them on notice at a speech at the United Nations.  You probably don’t have a clue about it.  So here it is.  It is the best presidential speech, and shows who Donald Trump really is.  Not the person you think he is, or the person I thought he was based on the Media lies.  Watch it in full.  If you still think this “orange man” is bad, you need to adjust your glasses.

This was the beginning of the Storm..  He put the world on notice, that he could not be bought, and that the United States would NEVER join the “great reset plan” that virtually every other country has already committed too, except for a few.  Later that year at Davos, the Cabal, decided to launch a plan that had been in the works for over 30 years.  The plan?  Covid 19.  A worldwide assault with a biological weapon.  A virus that has killed many people.  This is the first one.  There are going to be more.  And the next ones will be more serious, and they will kill Millions.  I digress though.

The first thing this plan did, was to discredit Trump and make him look like a failure because he knew what it was, and would not destroy the economy he built over it.  Nevertheless, he had to be tactful. He had to appear concerned over this virus, and he had to take some action to keep the “sheep” we will call them (not meaning to be derogatory, but it is what they have been labelled, just as we have been labelled CoVidiots), believing that he was taking care of them.  And he did.

However, the media has painted and downplayed everything this man has accomplished, because the Cabal, owns them.

So 2020 became a Cold War of epic proportions.  A complete world war 3, that most people are not even aware of..  It is a silent, Cold War against democracy, with the intended outcome for the fall of democracy, capitalism, and freedom in the way of civil liberties.   The idea of the Cabal, is to control the entire population of the planet.  Through monopolization of commerce, healthcare (forced regular immunizations in the guise of public safety), and food.  Montesanto being the start of this.  Now Bill Gates is working on Lab Meat.  He wants to destroy farming for the good of the greenhouse effect, and feed us his food, that will completely monopolize.  Just like he did with his computer company in the 90’s.  Do you remember that?  Probably not.  He spent the next 30 years, trying to make himself look like a humanitarian, as he went into Third world countries to experiment on unsuspecting teenagers with his vaccines.  He claims to have eradicated polio.  And there is some truth to that.  In fact, just about all true.  The part you don’t know is that he bribed his way past proper testing, and went straight to testing on children, and in the process, gave polio to hundreds of thousands of people in India.  he also sterilized 600,000 Indian female women.   He put sterilizing agents into his vaccine.  Bill Gates is an eugenecist.  This is a person that believes in population control.  On the outset it sounds good.  We need to slow our roll down with the population, but this is not his call on who we do it.

So now that you know just the tip of the iceberg, I would like you to do something.  Google has turned on us, as the CEO has joined the Great Reset.  Anything that speaks against the great reset, is heavily censored in Google.  I want you to set your homepage to for your search engine needs.  Everything I discuss on this site, you will get 2 sides to the debate instead of 1.  Google has deindexed, fact checked ANYTHING against Vaccines, or the Great Reset.  Currently Ted Cruz of the US Senate, is working on holding them accountable and bringing Google, Facebook, Twitter and other tech giants back in line.

Anyways, will help you see the truth and your research will be completely different, and even if you don’t change your mind, or you believe what I am saying, at least you will see the other side of the arguments that you will not see in mainstream media, or the silicone valley tech giants.

Now back to the Storm.

The real storm is Donald Trump.

He was brought in to expose, arrest, and destroy the Cabal.

Hence the war we are in.

The election was rigged.  IT will be proven, and he will remain President.  I have one thousand dollars I am willing to bet with anyone that will put up the money face to face with me.  No online stranger betting.  I will never collect.  But you can take it to the bank that this will happen.  Don’t believe me, take a look at this.

I know you haven’t seen this, unless you were on my Facebook page, or you are already awake, and know where to look.  You won’t see this on any mainstream media.  They are all lying to you in the hopes that public opinion will somehow cause a civil war to throw Trump out of office after he fixes this rigged election.

The storm is Donald’s second term. He has exposed them all now.  He has them by the throat.  They are going to get desperate.  They are going to unleash deadly viruses to keep up their battle.  They are going to tear down cities in riots.  Just like they did for the past 2 years, disguised in movements like the BLM, and Environmental protection.  Funny thing is, these people protesting the environment have no clue, that Trump has made the emission lowers in the United States since they have become Energy self sufficient than any other Developed country in the World.  China gets a pass on their pollution.  No riots there.  Thats because no one has any civil liberties there.  And that’s what the cabal wants everywhere.  People are protesting for problems that were almost non-existent.  Yes prejudice still exists.  Not to the extent the media made it out to be.  Bet you didn’t know that more white poeple are killed by cops every year than black people.  No.  Because the media doesn’t tell you things that don’t support the agenda.

So here it is. I have pieced together a few things to explain the war we are in.  Where it is going, and the ugliness that is coming.  In Canada, Trudeau, and the opposition are all corrupt.  They are all selling us out to the Great Reset.  Its sad, but true.  Donald Trump is the the last leader on the planet that will expose this.  The world is in the worst war in history.  This will explain it all.

So what is WWG1WGA?


It is time the world citizens that love people unite.

It is time we put our petty differences aside, and join forces to annihilate the cabal.

Trust in the plan.  This is the plan.


Then be brave and upload to your social media account.  Spread the plan.  It is having faith.  It is trusting that we will win.  People need this more than ever.  Download it, share it on your own social media, or just share this page on your social media, so they have the whole story.  Either way, get involved.  Unity is how we win.


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